Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Macross Delta Scramble Translation Guide: Miscellany


The Miscellany section is, well, a dumping ground for miscellaneous content that, while important enough to justify inclusion in the guide, is not important enough to necessitate its own unique section. Want to see the FAQ part of the FAQ/Guide? This is where you'll find it. Want to see what fine people have contributed to the construction of this guide? This is where you'll find them. Want to find my email address so you can forward me your questions/comments/concerns? Again: right here.


Will this game ever be localized in English and released outside of Japan?
No. There is absolutely zero possibility of this or any other Macross game ever being localized.
Is this game import-friendly?
Yes and no. The game itself is very easy to play and many of the menu and UI elements contain English text... however it is on the PlayStation Vita, a console that is not import-friendly at all. If you want to play the game as-is, you're good to go... but if you want to get any of the DLC, you'll need to play on a Japanese PSN account—which means you'll either have to constantly reformat and switch accounts on your memory card, or purchase a second memory card for use exclusively with Japanese games.
I want to buy this game! Where should I import it from?
You have many options! AmiAmi and Play-Asia are two of the biggest import stores out there, but I'd recommend checking out Amazon.co.jp first. Amazon frequently discounts their games quite a bit, and many of their products qualify for international shipping. I bought Delta Scramble from Amazon.co.jp myself a few weeks after release... for approximately 45% off the MSRP.
Is this game compatible with the PlayStation TV / PSTV?
I'm playing the game on a non-Japanese PSN account. Can I still update?
Yes, you can! Simply tap the update icon on the game page from the Vita's UI, and it will download no matter what region your PSN account is tied to. Please remember to update as soon as possible because the big 1.02 patch is not compatible with older save-data, and you'll have to start over.
Why should I update the game?
The 1.01 update will grant you a special one-time bonus of 100,000 credits; the 1.02 update will add in additional missions covering the remainder of the Macross Delta anime series as well as Extra missions from other Macross series, including Super-Dimensional Fortress Macross, Macross Seven and Macross Frontier.
Why shouldn't I update the game?
I dunno, man.
I just patched my game to 1.02, and now the game is making me start over?
Save-data from version 1.00 and 1.01 is not compatible with the 1.02 patch, so you will have to start all over again.
Is this game similar to the PSP Macross games?
Yes. The mechanics are virtually the same.
Can I play the DLC on a non-Japanese PSN account?
No, you will be able to download the updates but not the DLC. You'll need a Japanese PSN account for that.
Can you help me set up a Japanese PSN account?
No. Just Google it, there are many walkthroughs out there and it really isn't very difficult.
Can you help me set up an Amazon.co.jp account?
No. It's really very easy. When you do set up an account, you'll have to provide a Japanese address (just write in something random)... but once you've made an account you can add an international address and then delete the Japanese address.
I found an aircraft/pilot/support character that isn't in your guide, what should I do?
Email me, please. Mwulf.0079@gmail.com
How do I unlock a specific aircraft/pilot/supporter?
Playing the game thoroughly should unlock everything. If an aircraft/pilot/supporter is not included in this guide, it means one of two things: it is either not included in the game, or I have yet to include that information in the guide. Remember, this is a work-in-progress.
Why aren't all of your translations 100% accurate?
Two reasons. First and foremost, don't expect perfection—I'm far from fluent. Actually, my Japanese kind of sucks. Second, in many cases I avoid direct translations in order to best convey information as directly and concisely as possible. For translation guides such as this, clarity is paramount.


  • Version 0.01: basic guide constructed and formatted.
  • Version 0.50: Did you know that OpenOffice can crash so hard it will uninstall itself from your PC? So, yeah, I've been delayed. Nonetheless the first version of this guide is ready to be made public. There's still a lot missing, but the most important (in my judgment) information is in—including photo-translations of all the menus and full data on pilots, support characters and all support set bonuses.
  • Version 0.65: reorganized and added support set bonuses; filled in all of the Chaos, Windermere and Extra missions; added basic info on DLC and patches; added mission clear requirements for all shop items.
  • Version 0.7: added in lots (nearly all) of mission and aircraft data.
  • Version 0.71: added in three missing photo-translations (hangar menus).


I'd like to thank the following wonderful people for helping me construct this guide. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you very much!


If you have any questions, comments, concerns or contributions for me, please feel free to contact me at mwulf.0079@gmail.com

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