About the Red Shoulders Blog
This blog is a repository of nonsense, trivia, and miscellaneous musings. I have no specific goal or agenda. What does that mean? Well, basically just that I see myself as free to post anything I want here, without trying to fill a specific niche. You'll see me craft essays about anime, gaming, electronics, plastic models, music, and other things. You'll see reviews and art and translations and all other manner of things. My particular Geeky Inclination is toward science fiction, so you'll see a lot of that--mecha anime, in particular, is a fondness of mine, as well as science fiction movies, television, literature, etc. Basically: everything is permitted; nothing is excluded.

Who am I (on the Internet)?
I typically use different monikers/usernames/nicknames on different websites I use. My very first online identity was, "Mwulf," based on the kind of weird way my (now very old) Irish Setter would bark (mwooolf! mwooolf!), so that appears a few times. For the record, I am:

I'm not a very active member of any of those forums, as I have generally disengaged myself from the various Internet communities due to the excess of inherent vitriol.

Who am I (in real life)?
No one of consequence, obviously, otherwise I wouldn't have even the limited amount of time I do to devote to this blog. I am a University student studying a myriad of topics, including but not limited to physics, German, Japanese, French and English. Unfortunately, due to physical ailments, I am unable to attend classes regularly, and am forced to attend part-time. This has greatly increased the amount of time and amount of difficulty involved in my "higher" education. I won't get into the details of my medical issues, but basically I am sometimes incapacitated by pain for periods of time ranging from ten or fifteen minutes to ten or fifteen hours--or more. Bad episodes leave me incapable of, well, anything. Less severe episodes--and the aftermath of episodes, where I'm fogged over by painkillers--afford me some time to devote to my hobbies: play games, watch anime, build gunpla, mess around on my computer, read through enormous piles of books, etc.

 This messiness results in an irregular schedule and lots of stress, which is my way of saying, "don't expect regular blog posts." Anyway, to expand on my gratuitous self-exposition:

I was first introduced to science fiction as a gradeschooler. From as early as I can remember, I've always been fascinated by military machines. Warplanes, Warships. The strongest, the fastest. One day, when I was six or seven years old, I saw another kid playing with a small plastic airplane that I'd never seen before. It was an X-Wing. That led me to Star Wars, which led me to midnight re-runs of Star Trek TOS and TNG, which led me to DS9 and Voyager, and a whole host of almost universally awful VHS science-fiction movies. My fascination with Star Trek and its associated novels led me deep into the bowels of the local library, where I discovered the work of Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert and Arthur C. Clarke. I became infatuated, along with all of my friends, with Babylon 5 re-runs one year that we were fortunate to start watching from the very beginning. And just when I thought I'd exhausted all of the great potential of science fiction, I discovered something else. Something exotic. Something new.

You guessed it: Mobile Suit Gundam, way back when it aired on the Cartoon Network.

It's not exactly a unique background and I'm certain it's shared by many of the people coming visiting this paltry blog. I've set this place up as sort of a rubbish heap for all the various "Internet Things" I've created over the years. From game reviews and guides online, to various translations of various things, to previews of the coolest Japanese toys I can't afford and couldn't find room to display even if I could. Like I said at the start of this thing, there no over-riding theme here. This place is a receptacle of nonsense, trivia, and miscellaneous musings--nothing more, nothing less.

Contact Information
If you would like to contact me for any reason, you can reach me at mwulf.0079@gmail.com. I generally respond to any emails that are coherent enough for me to understand. Please note that any potential rude or vulgar email will be ignored and the sender blocked.