Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Macross Delta Scramble Translation Guide: Menu Translations


Please note that these photo-translations are modified/altered screenshots of the game: though many UI elements and menus contain English text, there is no in-game option to make everything display in English (if there were such an option, I'd have no cause to make this guide).


When you first go into the Mission Menu, you will be given the option to customize the two Chaos PMC pilots—original to the game—and once you unlock the Windermere missions later, you will similarly be able to customize them. You can customize their name (first line) and their nickname/callsign (second line). These menus are fairly easy to navigate, but I thought I'd reproduce them here just in case anyone has trouble with them.

You can either leave the names as they are (written in katakana) or write in your own names. The two Chaos PMC characters (pictured above) are named Hans Schwalm (left) and Fan Vernalotte (right); the two Windermere Kingdom characters are named Victor Harmstadt and Dominic Udetto (not pictured). One issue you may have is that, since you are playing a Japanese game, text entry is configured for Japanese language—so you may be a bit apprehensive when the keyboard pops up, but don't worry, it's much less confusing than it may seem.

Essentially, what you need to do is input every character in one at a time and use the predictive text bar to select the proper character. For example, if you press the “A” key on the keyboard you'll want to use the predictive text bar to manually select either “a” or “A.” Otherwise the keyboard will assume you're typing phonetically in Japanese and will display hiragana, katakana or kanji characters instead.

Note: if you do not see the desired character in the predictive text bar, press the down-arrow (on the far right end) to see the full list of predicted characters. Once you've selected a few English characters, the keyboard will “learn” and start displaying English characters first.


Before you can access any of the Chaos PMC or Windermere missions, you'll first need to complete the first three tutorial missions in the the Extra Missions category. Once the first three tutorial missions are complete, you'll be able to start playing Chaos PMC missions; and once you've cleared the first two Chaos missions, you'll be able to access the Windermere Kingdom missions. Note that for both Chaos and Windermere factions you'll have two customizable player characters to use (see previous subsection for details on how to customize them) although eventually you'll be able to use characters from the various Macross animations.

 Once you select a faction, you will see all of the available missions for that faction. Note that you can freely switch between the Windermere, Chaos and Extra mission screens using the L and R buttons.

 The mission screens should look very familiar to you if you've played any of Artdink's prior games, as they have changed very little over the decades(!). To see more information on specific missions, please refer to the Missions section of this guide.

Once you've selected a mission, you will be redirected to the hangar menu, which can also be accessed from the main menu. Please refer to the Hangar Menus subsection for details.

Once you've cleared a mission you'll see the mission results screen, which should also be very familiar.

 The maximum rank you can earn for a mission is SS, so please do not stress out trying to earn SSS-ranks! Note that the battle score is determined by how many enemies you destroy whereas the technical score is determined by various factors, including but not limited to your accuracy, remaining health, SP usage, and clear time.

After seeing your score, you'll go to the next page of the Results screen which details your various rewards for completing the mission.

 Here you'll see how much experience, money and tuning points you've earned for the mission. And if your characters happen to earn enough experience to level up, you'll see one more window pop up before you're returned to the mission select menu.

Here you'll see your former level, your new level, as well as your old stats and new stats.


The hangar menu is accessed automatically once you begin a mission. Here you will select your player character and ally character, your aircraft, and any support characters. You can select up to five support characters at once—one primary and four secondary. The primary support character will determine the Special Attack you'll be able to use in-combat; the secondary support characters apply minor upgrades to the six pilot stats, and if you select certain support characters you can get set bonuses which confer additional benefits. Please see the Support Set Bonuses subsection of the Characters section for details.

The hangar menu is divided in two: on the left side of the screen are slots for pilots (green) and supporters (purple). Note that the larger slot in the support box is for the primary support character, who determines your support skill, while the four smaller slots determine your support set bonuses (if applicable). The right side displays the details of whichever character or aircraft currently selected.

Pressing the square button over an aircraft will allow you to spend TP to tune (read: upgrade) various stats on that aircraft, or to purchase additional TP. Pressing square over a character will show you that characters stats (pictured above). The six stats are are placed on a graph to give you a better idea of that characters overall abilities. Those stats are (in clockwise order starting from the top):

Japanese English Color
射撃 Ranged Combat Green
格闘 Melee Combat Red
機動 Maneuverability Yellow
防御 Defense Gray
集中 Focus Purple
Spiritia Blue

The right side of the screen displays the aircraft stats. Press square to access and adjust these stats using TP. You can also adjust the color scheme for your aircraft (where applicable) as well as view and modify the stats for the selected aircraft's various weapons.

Note that unlike prior Artdink games, you cannot modify the individual stats of each weapon: instead, you invest TP into a general power stat that, in turn, affects each individual stat. Cycle between the aircraft and weapon stat screens using the R and L buttons.

The yellow bar indicates the general “weapon power” stat. Increasing or decreasing it will effect all other stats. Note that not every weapon will have stats in every category—for example: a gunpod cannot multi-lock, and therefore lacks the multi-lock stat.

Note that you can establish three different support units. Only one unit can be active at a time, but by setting up additional units you can more easily cycle between your favorites as necessary.


To access new pilots, support characters, aircraft and optional equipment (like Armored Packs) in Macross Delta Scramble, you first need to unlock them by clearing the requisite missions (see the Missions section for details); once unlocked, you must then spend credits to purchase them from the shop.

There are four categories to choose from: pilots, support, aircraft and. Furthermore, you can filter items by faction using the R and L buttons. The total credits you have to spend are displayed in the bottom right corner of the menu. Note that if you update the game, you will receive a special one-time bonus of 100,000 credits.


Unlike many other games, the controls in Macross Delta Scramble and fully customizable! Wonderful, ain't it? You can access the options menu either from the main menu, or in-game by pressing the Start button.

 You have three options to choose from. The first two will allow you to change various settings (volume and controls) while the third simply shows you Artdink's credits.

This is the Volume screen:

 And this is the Controls screen: