Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A while ago I posted some translated/localized tracklists for the Trails in the Sky and Cold Steel OSTs. Well, I'm back, and since I can't edit the title of the old thread, I'm making a new one. I now have translated tracklists for every OST in the series, sans the EVO ports.

I've currently translated the Soundtracks of Trails in the Sky, Trails in the Sky SC, Trails in the Sky the 3rd, Trails of Zero, Trails of Blue, Trails of Cold Steel and Trails of Cold Steel II into English. Sometimes this involved translating Japanese-to-English; just as often it meant translating Engrish-to-English. I've included links to the Amazon.com and Amazon.co.jp listings for each soundtrack; if you'd like to see the original Japanese track titles, that's where you can find them.

I have tried to make these translations as consistent as possible with XSEED's phenomenal translation. If you spot any errors (mistranslations or misromanizations) please let me know! For the case of the tragically unreleased Zero and Ao, I've romanized the "original" katakana nouns without changing them rather than try to guess at how they ought to be romanized. Some translations are fairly literal, others are... not. If you know how to render something like 空の謎は軌跡でポン!without it sounding really silly, please, lemme know.

I will of course be revising these lists in the future to maintain parity with XSEED's localisations as-they-appear (The 3rd is coming when!?!?) as well as to add tracklists for subsequent games: bring on Cold Steel III!