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Gundam Side Stories Translation Guide - Menu Translations


            Gundam Side Stories is a very simple action-combat style game. Each Side Story in the game has its own menu screen where you can access all of its missions. There are no rankings—a mission can be in one of three states: new, meaning you have not yet attempted it; unmarked, meaning you have failed to complete it; and clear, meaning you have successfully completed it. The menus in the game are very simple and intuitive, and I do not forsee anyone having any great difficulty navigating through the game. I have done my best to include clear translations of all the menus in the game, and have attempted to display these translations in tables best representing the relevant menus. If a fellow gamer offers to provide in-game screenshots of these menus, I may replace these tables with image-translations at some point in the future.           
            Before examining the menu translations, there are a few basic items you'll need to be aware of if this is your first time playing a Japanese game. First, and most importantly, you'll need to be able to recognize the basic yes/no commands.

はい (yes)
いいえ (no)

            You will also quickly realize that the confirm/cancel commands for Japanese games are the reverse of the default confirm/cancel commands for Western games. This means that the cross button is the default cancel button and the circle button is the default confirm button. This is a very simple thing, but absolutely necessary to keep in mind at all times.
            Finally, you will sometimes notice and XMB-style UI message appearing in the lower right corner of the screen with a bunch of Japanese text in it. You can probably guess at it's meaning: it's a notification that the game is saving data to your PS3's hard disk drive. As such, when you see these notifications appear, do not quit the game or turn off your PS3 (or remove the HDD for whatever reason) as you will risk losing or corrupting your savedata.

            Please note that I have chosen NOT to provide translations for the mission selection menus. These menus are very simple and consist of lists of the missions available to the player with English text identifying their status. You can see the individual mission numbers inside the kanji for each mission name, which should aid you in consulting with this guide's various mission guides. Those guides also contain the full text translation of each mission title.


Title Menu
Story Mode
VR Mission Mode

Story Mode Menu
Missing Link: EFSF Campaign (Pale Rider)
Missing Link: Zeon Campaign (Marchosias)
The Blue Destiny

Options Menu
HUD Display Settings
Controller Settings
Audio Settings
Reset Everything to Default

HUD Display Settings Sub-Menu
Radar Position
·        左下 (lower left)
·        左上 (upper left)
·        オフ (off)
Button Messages
·        オン (on)
·        オフ (off)

Controller Settings Sub-Menu
Controller Type
·        A (See Controls)
·        B (See Controls)
·        C (See Controls)
Right Stick Vertical Axis
·        ノーマル (normal)
·        リバース (reversed)
Right Stick Horizontal Axis
·        ノーマル (normal)
·        リバース (reversed)
Vibration Settings
·        振動あり (on)
·        振動なし (off)

Audio Settings Sub-Menu
Music Volume
Sound Effects Volume
Voice Volume
Movie Volume


            Prior to the Setup Menu, each mission has a short mission briefing scene where the relevant characters appear and discuss the upcoming mission and overall narrative (where applicable). Press the circle button to quickly cycle through the text. (You can also press the cross button to move backwards through the text).
            The hangar menu itself is very simple—here you'll access the upgrades (VR Mission mode only) and select the mobile suits you wish to include in your squadron. This menu is mostly irrelevant to the Side Story modes, as those missions do not allow you to freely change the deployed mobile suits.

Setup Menu

            In the Setup Menu, you can also press the square button at any time to cycle between the information screens for the selected mobile suits—displaying either the MS' stats, or their equipped weapons.
            At the bottom of the Setup Menu, you will see some additional information regarding the mission: the selected MS team's cost, and the total development points you have accumulated. Development points can be used to purchase mobile suit upgrades (VR Mission mode only). The squadron cost is a fraction, where the first value represents the total cost of the selected mobile suits and the second value represents the maximum value for the selected mission. You cannot sortie with a MS team whose cost exceeds the mission's maximum value. In other words, the squadron cost fraction must always be ≤1.

Development Points
Squadron Cost


            The customization menu may seem complicated at first glance, but it's actually very simple. Essentially, it's just one big sorting list. There are a lot of different mobile suits in Gundam Side Stories (approximately 107), and this sub-menu is all about making them as easy to find as possible. There are six different tabs you can cycle through using the L1 and R1 buttons. These tabs are, from left to right:

EFSF Mobile Suits
Zeon Mobile Suits
Ground Combat Capability
Space Combat Capability
Mobile Suit Cost

            In order to use a mobile suit, you'll have to purchase it first. Each listed mobile suit has a point value, and the first time you select it in the customization menu you will get a yes/no prompt asking you whether or not you wish to purchase it. Keep in mind that you cannot buy a mobile suit unless you have sufficient points to cover the expense; also keep in mind that you are not buying a mobile suit much as purchasing the right to use a particular model—this means you don't have to pay two more times to outfit everyone in your squadron with the same MS.
            Once you've purchased a mobile suit, the point cost will be replaced with three numbered icons: 1, 2, and 3. Typically, these icons are grayed out. Mobile suits selected in your squadron will have their number(s) highlighted in yellow, indicating their position in the squadron.
            When you press the circle button to select a mobile suit, you'll have two options: the first option lets you assign the mobile suit to a squadron number (pressing triangle over the number will remove the option); the second allows you to upgrade your mobile suit by spending points. The upgrade process is very simple—it applies generalized stat increases to you mobile suit, up to level 50. These upgrades are only accessible and only applicable in VR Mission mode. Please see the Mobile Suits section for details.


            You can press the start button at any time in-game to pull up the in-game menu. You can also close the menu by pressing the start button again.

Return to Game
Retry Mission
Exit Mission


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