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Macross 30 Translation Guide: Miscellany


 The Miscellany section is, well, a dumping ground for miscellaneous content that, while important enough to justify inclusion in the guide, is not important enough to necessitate its own unique section. Want to see the FAQ part of the FAQ/Guide? This is where you'll find it. Want to see what fine people have contributed to the construction of this guide? This is where you'll find them. Want to find my email address so you can forward me your questions/comments/concerns? Again: right here.


Will this game ever be localized in English and released outside of Japan?
No. There is absolutely zero possibility of this or any other Macross game ever being localized.
Is this game import-friendly?
Yes and no. It's not a pure action game, like previous Artdink titles, so it does require greater familiarity with menus, text, etc. and a willingness to wade through vast amounts of dialog and exposition. The Hybrid Pack Macross titles (for PS3) are much more import-friendly, but it is my hope that, with this guide, anyone should be able to easily import and enjoy the game without any knowledge of Japanese.
Is this game similar to the PSP Macross games?
Yes and no. The basic mechanics are the same, but the controls are somewhat different--more refined. See the Controls section of this guide for details. It also incorporates many RPG elements, like side-questing, inventory management, and a leveling system.
Why can't I find X item for Y delivery quest?
Whenever a delivery quest opens up, its corresponding item(s) spawn in the field. This means you can pick up quest items before you accept their quest. So, if you've got a delivery quest and can't seem to find the necessary item, odds are that you picked it up earlier and either A) it's sitting in your inventory right now and you can complete the quest immediately, or—as seems to be more often be the case—you have moved it into storage. Remember, you can sort your inventories with the select button, and that all delivery-quest items are marked with a delivery quest icon (a box with and exclamation point). Do not worry: it is impossible to sell unique quest items.
I have an item in my inventory that is not in your translation guide. What is it?
I've actually gone and deleted several pages of item translations from the guide, because those items simply weren't important. Look at the item's icon: it is either an aircraft part, for use in the Mechanic's Room (see that section of the guide for details on what those icons look like) in which case the only thing that matters is its point value, or it's a unique quest item.
How do I find aircraft parts?
Aircraft parts drop from enemies in the form of item spheres, which you much gather; you can also find them in cargo containers throughout the fields and dungeons. The stronger the enemy you defeat, the better the quality of the parts it will drop.
What's the best way to grind for aircraft parts?
Dungeons, dungeons, dungeons. Running through dungeons is the most efficient way to grind parts because they have a much higher density of enemy units compared to the field (which means you'll be able to kill far more enemies in a shorter period of time); because the confined space means you'll be spending most, if not all, of your time in GERWALK or Battroid form, making it easier to find and pick up item spheres; and because item containers in dungeons re-spawn, granting you even more potential aircraft parts.
I'm getting a red message and a buzzing sound when I try to pick up items. What is this and why is it happening?
Your aircraft's inventroy space is finite. You can only hold 30 different types of item, and each item can only be stacked so high. You can, for example, carry 255 Ouroboros Stones, but only 8 Repair Kit IIs. That red message is telling you that you have insufficient inventory space to obtain the item. This means you already have a full stack of whatever item it is, or have reached the maximum 30/30 limit. Remember, you can remove items from you inventory with the square button if you nee to free up space.
Is Roy Focker in the game?
How do I play as someone other than Leon?
You can only select different pilots after clearing the game, in New Game Plus.
Why can't I use the Fire Valkyrie/Nekki Basara?
Only Basara is allowed to pilot the Fire Valkyrie, and conversely, Basara is not allowed to pilot any aircraft other than the Fire Valkyrie.
Why aren't all of your translations 100% accurate?
Two reasons. First and foremost, don't expect perfection—I'm far from fluent. Second, in many cases I avoid direct translations in order to best convey information as directly and concisely as possible. For translation guides such as this, clarity is paramount.
How do I earn the "Who will you kiss?" trophy?
Currently, I'm not certain. As far as I know, no one has obtained this trophy yet.


  • Version 0.50: basic guide created March 11, 2013.
  • Version 0.51: added lots of item information & guild quest information for the Yuria Archipelago region.
  • Version 0.65: added a ton of hunter quest information, item information, and shop information.
  • Version 0.70: added (complete!) Skills & Field Maps sections.
  • Version 0.75: added first half of Jurgen races & 71 guild quests.
  • Version 0.76: finished town inventory section; revised town inventory section & items section to take up less space (so many tables).
  • Version 0.77: some minor corrections & additions; added Slate Locations List.
  • Version 0.80: added 10 more guild quests (196/200); completed story quest information.
  • Version 0.90: completed guild quest information (200/200); added time-frame information for guild quests; added blueprint information; added chapter 1 summary; added location information for delivery quest items.
  • Version 0.91: completed blueprints information; removed aircraft parts translation.
  • Version 0.92: re-wrote menu translations section for enhanced clarity; posted web version on RedShoulders blog.
  • Version 0.93: bunch of small suff: added notes to trophy list; removed shop stuff from items section (didn't seem useful); filled in missing rewards for races; added in some details for a few of the trickier quests (explicitly stating where to go); completed the special equipment item list (I think?); fixed a bunch of romanizations (like “vanquish races” instead of “bankisshu races”); added two additional translations to gallery war records list; final glacier map; some additional character information; etc.
  • Version 0.94: re-worked version numbers to account for the fact that the guide is slightly less-finished than I'd thought; re-inserted item box photo-translation; made some corrections to hunter guild quest information; added information to hunter guild quests section; added questions to frequently asked questions section in response to emails.


I'd like to thank the following wonderful people for helping me construct this guide. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you very much!

Stephen Hampton
Game screenshots
Hong Ip
Gallery combat record information
Zach Zimmerman
Game screenshots
Chronocidal, of MacrossWorldForum
Guild quest information
Juton, of MacrossWorldForum
Map information
Dragon Knight Tonal, of GameFAQs
Typo correction & map information
Hayatekanzaki, of GameFAQs
Character information & chapter 1 summary information
Leifang2000, of GameFAQs
Custom music information
Paltheos, of GameFAQs
Guild quest information
2Chan M30 Wiki Summary (JPN Source)
Map information & skill information.
Macross 30 Wiki (JPN Source)
Guild quest infromation & item information.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or contributions for me, please feel free to contact me at mwulf.0079@gmail.com


  1. Thanks Bro, its a very good game!!

  2. Great job!!

    Is this an official guide or a fan made guide?
    I want to know from where did you get the character information, if it was from an official source.

    1. Its a fan made guide. I made it, and I am a fan. Imcannot remember exactly where I got the character info, but the resources I used to make the guide were the game itself, the Japanese wiki, and the official site. The character info, IIRC, is just a translation of what was on the official website.

  3. How do I get the vf 25 super pack?

    1. Its the silver medal reward for Urthr's race 2. I have info on all of the blueprints in the Items section: http://red-shoulders.blogspot.com/2013/03/macross-30-translation-guide.html