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Macross 30 Translation Guide: Characters & Story


Macross 30 features an original storyline written by Kodachi Ukyo (who wrote the novelizations for Macross Frontier) with supervision by Macross creator Kawamori Shoji. Set one year after the events of Macross Frontier, players assume the role of SMS test pilot Leon Sakaki as he explores the alien world Ouroboros. Characters from other Macross series, including Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Macross Zero, Macross Plus, Macross Seven and Macross Frontier all play a role in this new story in the Macross saga.


It is the year 2060 A.D.. One year has passed since the Frontier Colonial Fleet's battle with the Vajra ended, and since then the galaxy has been at peace. Leon Sakaki, of the SMS' Sephira branch, is sent to the vicinity of planet Ouroboros on a mission, but is forced to crash-land on the planet after being attacked by an unknown enemy.

Leon is rescued by Aisha Blanchett, head of the SMS' Ouroboros branch—but she is unable to recover his prototype VF-25 due to a mysterious phenomenon known as the “Ouroboros Aurora.”

Deciding to work together to solve the mysteries of Ouroboros, Leon and Aisha set out to explore the planet's underground ruins. There, they discover a mysterious sleeping girl.

This is the story of what transpires when she awakens.

Leon Sakaki, allied with the legendary singers and pilots of the past, must fight not only for the fate of Ouroboros, but for the fate of the galaxy itself.


  • Leon Sakaki (Macross 30): The main character of Macross 30. A passionate test pilot with exceptional skill and a strong sense of justice. The story opens when he arrives at planet Ouroboros. Voiced by Irino Miyu.

  • Aisha Blanchett (Macross 30): The first heroine of Macross 30, she is a Zentraedi prodigy who was given command of the SMS Ouroboros branch at a young age. She is very positive and has a bright personality, and is primarily focused on studying the ruins that litter Ouroboros' landscape. Voiced by Inoue Marina.

  • Mina Forte (Macross 30): The second heroine of Macross 30, she is a mysterious, amnesiac girl who was discovered sleeping in ancient ruins. The story will unravel as she recovers her memory. Voiced by Chigusa Haruka.

  • Mae Riron (Macross 30): The head of the Ouroboros Hunter Guild, she lives in Vrlitwhal City and is older than she looks. Aisha's best friend, she quickly befriends Leon and frequently aids the Ouroboros SMS with their investigation, sometimes helping personally in her custom YF-27.

  • Ganesu Modora (Macross 30): A bandit leader who dreams of becoming the “Bandit King,” Ganesu has a crush on Aisha and believes she will reciprocate his feelings if he defeats her in battle.

  • Rod Baltmar (Macross 30): Leon's rival Rod is a N.U.N.S. Pilot assigned to the special task force “Hamaval.” He has known Leon since they where children, but the two became estranged from one another after a certain incident. Voiced by Miyano Mamoru.

  • Ushio Todo (Macross 30): Commanding officer of the N.U.N.S. Special task force Hamaval, he seems to be conducting an independent investigation in the ruins of Ouroboros.... Voiced by Nakada Joji.

  • Shin Kudo (Macross Zero): A United Nations pilot who fought in the Unification Wars, he became a test pilot for the VF-0 Phoenix prototype Valkyrie. After being shot down over the Mayan Islands by Nora Polyansky and D.D. Ivanov of the Anti-United Nation forces, he established a relationship with the native islanders—specifically the sisters, Mao and Sara Nome.

  • Sara Nome (Macross Zero): A Mayan priestess, Sara sometimes displays supernatural abilities. A pacifist by nature, she resents the inevitable conflict and violence that results from Shin's crash-landing, but nonetheless finds herself drawn toward him—forming a love triangle, along with her younger sister, Mao.

  • Mao Nome (Macross Zero): Sara's younger sister, Mao is fascinated by the technology and culture of the outside world. She quickly develops a crush on Shin after he crash-lands on the Mayan Island. Later in life, she will actualize her dreams by becoming the chief scientist of a research fleet after the first Space War. Sheryl Nome is her granddaughter.

  • Nora Polyansky (Macross Zero): An ace pilot of the Anti-United Nations Forces prior to Space War I, she is given command of a squadron of prototype SV-51 variable fighters.

  • D.D. Ivanov (Macross Zero): A former U.N. pilot and aviation instructor who taught Roy Focker, he defected to the Anti-United Nations forces late in the war. D.D., or “Daisy,” was assigned to Nora's SV-51 squadron and the two became romantically involved.
  • Ichijo Hikaru (SDF Macross): A former acrobatic pilot who became the legendary ace pilot of the SDF-1 Macross during the first Space War against the Zentraedi. A friend and protege of Roy Focker, Hikaru became the squadron leader of the infamous Skull Squadron and was responsible for commanding the SDF-1's fighter squadrons. Though his actions in the war made him an iconic figure, he passed into legend in 2016 when he, along with his family and Lynn Minmay, vanished without a trace with the Megaroad-01 Fleet.

  • Lynn Minmay (SDF Macross): The legendary songstress who ended Space War I with her singing, she single-handedly brought culture to the Zentraedi and saved the human race from extinction. Despite living a troubled life, she became a symbol for the new humanity that survived the war and passed into legend in 2016, when she, along with the rest of the Megaroad-01 fleet, disappeared without a trace near the galactic core.

  • Misa Hayase (SDF Macross): Born into a military family, Misa Hayase served as a bridge officer on the SDF-1 Macross during the first Space War. She eventually developed a ramntic relationship with ace pilot Hikaru Ichijo, and the two eventually married and had children, before disappearing along with the rest of the Megaroad-01 fleet without a trace in 2016.

  • Kamjin Kravshera (SDF Macross): A Zentraedi soldier infamous for his brutal tactics, after being transported to Ouroboros, Kamjin establishes his own faction on the planet, allying with Ganesu Modora's bandits, and later forming a tenuous alliance with the Hamaval.


Chapter 1: Planet Ouroboros
Begins with Leon waking up in a room where he's being nursed back to health. After meeting Aisha in said room, he finds out that she is the head officer of the S.M.S. branch on Ouroboros. After doing a quick confirmation that his delivery mission was successful whatever it was in the remains of the VF-25 he was in, or could have been the VF-25 itself. Leon asks for a plane with a fold unit so he can return to Seifira, which Aisha regrets she can't because of her mentioning that some weird 'aurora' around Ouroboros prevents fold technology from working. Also mentions that possible even ships with fold technology would not be able to work either. After finding out that he would be stuck there for who knows how long, a year at worst it seems, Leon decides to help Aisha out with the day to day operations around Ouroboros as well as obtaining a Hunter License in order to do various jobs on the planet. Small details included that Aisha is a master mechanic and a mecha otaku, she has her own personal customized VF-19. Leon is technically unsatisfied with being left with a replica VF-0D that initially couldn't even transform out of Battleroid Mode. When Leon first met Aisha, his initial comments about Aisha tells the player that Leon hasn't really met a Zentradi woman before. It's hinted early that Aisha has already taken a liking to Leon and she loves to randomly tease him every so often.

Being supported every so often by Aisha, he gets into the groove of things on the planet. During this period, Leon learns that there are others on the planet as well usually referred generally as bandits, which encompass pirates, and the sort. After a battle with some bandits, some time afterwards the bandits' leader comes to take revenge and during the battle, Leon suffers flashbacks about a disaster that happened somewhere else in the past with his friends. Leon becomes heated up afterwards, swearing to never repeat the same mistake of not being able to do anything again. Swiftly defeats the bandits and their leader and heads into the ruins with Aisha, who wanted to show Leon. While in the ruins, they meet up with the ruin guardians that guard said ruins. The ruins are supposedly Protoculture. As Leon and Aisha go deeper into the ruins, they encounter a much larger guardian unit and Aisha going into her otaku mode of wanting to capture the thing as undamaged as possible. After successfully doing so, Leon is about to complete the capture but the unit self-destructs causing a cave in separating Leon and Aisha. As Leon looks about, he sees a hibernation chamber of some sort with a girl inside, due to something, Leon activates the waking sequence waking up the girl and he swiftly escapes the ruins due to it collapsing around him. Side note, Aisha is upset that Leon didn't salvage any parts of the mech that self-destructed and not about the girl he found that is in his plane.

As they take care of the girl, who now is known as Mina. The first initial issues is that Mina has amnesia and has no idea who she was or how she was in that chamber. They take her under their care, Aisha makes Mina an employee as well.

Before the bandit leader battle, Leon and Aisha take a job to stop a group of berserk Zentradi who are wrecking havoc to nearby areas. As Leon and Aisha managed to stop them via not killing them but knocking them out-ish, the Zentradi don't remember exactly why they were going berserk but were sure something on the planet may have caused them to. Leon and Aisha now become worried about further incidences with berserk Zentradi.

After intergrating Mina into S.M.S. Mina, Leon and Aisha go on a shopping trip for things for Mina, during the course of the trip, Mina hears Sheryl's song being broadcasted and they buy a Sheryl's cd for Mina. Mina becomes a fan of Sheryl's. Later on, Mina went through some pilot training and is now also able to fly a plane as well. Leon helps Mina out with a job assigned by Aisha, which is the usual collect items. During the near end of the job, they run into a lone large Vajra. (gameplay note, if the Vajra is left alone and not attacked, it does not attack back or attack at all.) As they finish the job, things seem to be going alright. Though the appearance of the lone Vajra from before foreshadows that the events on the planet are all connected somehow. Ouroboro's Aurora, the various ruins, the berserk Zentradi...everything is connected in that mystery that is connected to Mina's still to be recovered memories.

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