Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Macross 30: Voices Across the Galaxy (PS3) Preliminary Translation Guide

EDIT: View the most up-to-date version of the (still in-progress) guide HERE.

I'm currently working on a translation for the recently-released PS3 Macross game celebrating the franchise's 30th anniversary, "Macross 30: Voices Across the Galaxy." While I toil away on the text document, I thought I'd share some of the Photo-Translations I've finished so far. (Thank you, Zach Zimmerman, for providing the screenshots!)

These images are in no particular order; I will update this post with additional images if an when I end up making them.

First up, the Hangar Menu. Some notes: Squad Settings will take you to the basic unit selection menu, where you pick out your Valkyrie, upgrade your Valkyrie, and do the same for your squadmates. The Mechanics Room is where you go to "upgrade" Valkyries. I'm not entirely competent with the process, but basically you've consume items in order to unlock the next tier of Valkyrie. Hopefully I'll be able to explain this better in the full guide. The "Bridge" is the "My Ship" menu, by the way; and the Item Box is your item storage (you have a limited inventory capacity).

I believe you have unlimited storage capacity in Item Box.

This is the Hunter Guild menu, accessed from the town menu. It's fairly self-explanatory. As for the quests you'll get here, there are a number of different types, most of which (annoyingly) don't have quest markers.

This is the My Ship screen. Exciting stuff, I know. The Gallery is fairly frivilous. You can listen to sound samples, view a Macross dictionary, or look at loading-screen walpaper. Boring. If you want to look at the sexy 3D models in the game, you'll have to do so from the customization menus (I think you have to hit triangle or select).

This is the mechanics room, where you go to obtain upgraded versions of your Valkyrie by consuming items. Each new Valkyrie has certain requirements--X number of Engine Parts, Y number of Frame parts--that you have to meet. Everything is color-coded and pretty self-explanatory.

The options menu! Very handy!
I recommend Control Type B or C. A is terrible.
Be warned that the lock-on mechanics differ for A versus B and C. For A, you tap the button and you lock on. For B and C, you have to hold on to the button to keep the lock--if you depress the button, you loose the lock. You can also move the reticule around while locked to "lead" your targets--gotta love the inclusion of third-person shooting mechanics.

Note that you can score extra damage (critical hits!) by hitting the main body of an enemy, and even more extra damage with headshots. So if you want to take advantage of that skill-based gameplay, you'll have to choose B or C.

(The actual guide will detail all three control schemes, but I won't have different images. Basically, A is PSP controls; B is third-person shooter controls; C is "camera aiming" controls).

This is the pilot stat menu. I assume growth type selection effects the which stats get what increases when you level up. The last two pilot stats are Concentration (which improves lock-on range) and Spirit (which increases the rate at which the SP gauge fills up).

Save/Load menu. Obvious. Keep in mind that circle/cross are confirm/cancel in game, but you use the XMB to save, which switches back to your region default (which is the reverse in EU and NA).

Shopping menu.

Aircraft upgrade menu. Speed determines how fast you move; boost determines how much you drain your boost gauge while boosting/dashing. Mobility translates better as "turning ability," and determines, generally speaking, how maneuverable your Valkyrie is. To my knowledge, Radar Range effects how far away you can establish a target-lock on enemies, but I might be wrong (haven't tested).

Town menu.

This is the item box menu. Very easy to work with. You'll have to wait a bit for translations of all the items. One thing you really NEED TO KNOW right away, however, is that the second item on the list--if you look closely, you'll see it's a box with a cross symbol on it--is a repair kit. Use these in battle to restore HP and never die.

This time, a view of the weapon customization menu. Most of this should be self-explanatory for you. Note that you can use money to buy tuning points (very helpful). Max Targets effects how many different targets you can lock missiles on to; projectile speed determines how fast your bullets/missiles/beams/lasers move.

Each different weapon uses the same kanji for stats, so everything should be easy. The sub-weapons are numbered in the same way as they appear in the UI (sub-weapon 1 is at the top; sub-weapon 3 is at the bottom). Sometimes you'll have multiple primary weapons, too, and will have to look at the actual item name to figure out which is which. You... should be able to figure that out easily enough. If you see "35mm," you're dealing with a solid-shell cannon (like a machinegun) and not a laser sniper rifle, for example.

Some rough maps.


  1. Wow, that's already immensely helpful! Considering I am not able to understand Japanese yet (not surprising, when there's also Old Norse and Icelandic on the program for uni <_<)

    Anyhow, if they stick to the same statistics as they did in Macross Ace Frontier, then could these here be the translations for your missing kanji?

    - Improves lock-on range

    - Improves SP Gauge filling rate

    I found them on a guide for it also at gamefaqs, this is by pktlonewolf

    Once again, an immense thank you!

  2. Thanks, these'll be really helpful!


    M30 definitely seems harder to pick up compared to the PSP games.

  4. Many thanks! This game is great, actually understand it is a dream come true lol.

  5. Thanks so much for the translation.

    Weird question, but I just got the VF-0S, but looking at your "Mechnical Room" picture, you have yours directly beside he VF-0A, but mine is one spot below (like how the Ghost Booster is one above) leaving a space in the middle. Also remember mine has 3300 hp rather than your 2800. Are there different versions, other than just rank?

    1. Nevermind, I think it has to do with the version you can buy and the one I found.

    2. I think stats are based solely on the blueprint rank. I haven't had too much time to just play with the game myself, but when I did some experimentation, I couldn't see any affect on aircraft stats from using different parts to construct things.

      Though I wasn't able to test a triple-bonus, as I never could find a VF-0 engine part.

  6. gracias !!! thank a lot!!!
    saludos desde argentina ^_^

    1. que tal esta el juego amigo? ya lo tengo pero no he tenido tiempo de checarlo, soy de mexico

  7. i've completed the game once and i still haven't found the quest for the super parts of yf-29 at cliff town. can someone help me?

  8. wowo amazing guide it really help me
    terimakasih :D

  9. sir... i love you, i wouldn't have survived the game without this guide.

    greetings from chile.

  10. Great guide from the beginning. thanks for all the work you put into this. Might I suggest something? Please add back the shop stuff section removed in 0.98. This section is actually quite useful for all in one place to see where stuff is available. this may be useful for newer players who need to know offhand, the translation of some stuff and for veteran players who want just to see which blueprints are available in NG+ without having to go down the blueprint list.

  11. I just got the platinum today.

    Thanks a lot for your/all contributors translation guide.