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Macross 30 Translation Guide: Story Quests


Macross 30's narrative is broken up into 9 chapters, which in turn are broken up into three acts, each consisting of three chapters. The first three chapters occur in the Yuria Archipelago field, the middle three in the Sierra Desert, and the final three occur in the Madis Glacier field. However, some missions later in the game will occur outside of the primary area.


Quest Name Clear Conditions Reward
1-1 ゼントラーディの少女
The Zentraedi Girl
Complete the Battroid mode tutorial. 500G; 200EXP; 300TP
5x Repair Kit I
5x Ammo Box (Sub-1)
1-2 バンデット
Complete the GERWALK mode tutorial. 700G; 250EXP; 550TP
5x Ammo Box (Sub-1)
5x Ammo Box (Sub-2)
1-3 ハンター試験
Hunter Exam
Complete the Fighter mode tutorial. 900G; 300EXP; 800TP
VF-0A Blueprints (I)
10x Junk Armor Part I
1-4 ウロボロスの異変
The Ouroboros Incident
Find the Hunter's certificate in Mimir Cave. 1100G; 350EXP; 1050TP
5x Ammo Box (Sub-1)
5x Repair Kit I
1-5 遺跡の少女
The Girl in the Ruins
Defeat Ganesu and investigate the Bolverkr Ruins. 1300G; 4000EXP; 1300TP
5x Ammo Box (Sub-3)
10x Junk Engine Part I
1-6 ブリタイシティ
Vrlitwhal City
Visit the shop in Vrlitwhal City and repel the bandit attack. 1500G; 450EXP; 1550TP
VF-0 Ghost Booster Blueprints
Junk Frame Part I
1-7 記憶のかけら
Fragments of Memory
Investigate the Vafudr Ruins. 1700G; 500EXP; 1800TP
Aisha's Glasses
2x Repair Kit II
1-8 ファースト・フライト
First Flight
Accompany Mina on her first flight; retrieve all 5 cargo units. 1900G; 550EXP; 2050TP
Mina's Hairpin
10x Ammo Box (Sub-1)

CHAPTER 2: Harsh Cry of the Ancients' Servants

Quest Name Clear Conditions Reward
2-1 バジュラの守護者
Vajra's Guardian
Intercept and destroy the wandering Vajra. 2100G; 600EXP; 2300TP
VF-1A Blueprints (I)
10x Junk Engine Part I
2-2 銀河の妖精
Galactic Fairy
Investigate the Baleygr Ruins and defeat the unidentified enemies. 2300G; 650EXP; 2550TP
10x Repair Kit I
10x Restoration Kit I
2-3 邂逅
Chance Meeting
Visit the Hunter Guild in Vrlitwhal City; defeat the enemy in Faros Base. 2500G; 700EXP; 2800TP
10x Ammo Box (Sub-2)
10x Armor Junk Part
2-4 放浪者
Find the missing hunter. 2700G; 750EXP; 3050TP
VF-1 Super Pack Blueprints
10x Ammo Box (Sub-1)
2-5 シェリル・ライブ
Sheryl Live
Defeat the Zentraedi rebels in Vrlitwhal City. 2900G; 800EXP; 3300TP
2x Repair Kit II
5x Pineapple Salad


Quest Name Clear Conditions Reward
3-1 味方殺しのカムジン
Kamujin the Comrade-Killer
Defeat Kamujin's warship. 3100G; 850EXP; 3550TP
VF-1J Blueprints (I)
10x Ammo Box (Sub-1)
Let's Fire!!!
Let's Fire!
Investigate the Vafudr Ruins. 3300G; 950EXP; 3800TP
2x Mishima Mushroom (Strength)
3x Pineapple Cake (Block)
3-3 ミーナの歌声
Mina's Singing Voice
Visit the Hunter Guild in Vrlitwhal City; Investigate Volundr Cave. 3500G; 950EXP; 4050TP
10x Repair Kit I
10x Junk Frame Part I
3-4 ミレーヌ大脱走
Mylene's Great Escape
Visit Daoren, Yue, and Leopold City; defend Mylene. 3700G; 1000EXP; 4300TP
10x Ammo Box (Sub-1)
2x Steak (170g)
3-5 遺跡の巨大守護兵器
Remnants of the Guardians
Invesigate the Gangleri Ruins; defeat the giant guardian weapon. 3900G; 1050EXP; 4550TP
VF-11B Blueprints (I)
Simple Fold Booster


Quest Name Clear Conditions Reward
4-1 いにしえの記録
Record of the Ancients
Visit Hunter Guild in Cleef Town; Investigate Alfathr Ruins. 4100G; 1100EXP; 4800TP
5x Repair Kit II
10x Ammo Box (Sub-1)
4-2 ガネスの悪巧み
Ganesu's Scheme
Defeat the desert bandits; investigate Heithrun Cave. 4300G; 1150EXP; 5050TP
3x Repair Kit III
2x Hippo-Cow Ice Cream
4-3 シェリルの熱病
Sheryl's Burning Fever
Investigate Alfathr Ruins; Obtain Ouroboros Cactus from near the Oasis. 4500G; 1200EXP; 5300TP
10x Ammo Box (Sub-2)
3x Eel Tuna (Double)
4-4 最速の男
The Fastest Man
Find the Havamal deserter in Jurgen. 4700G; 1250EXP; 5550TP
YF-19 Blueprints (I)
5x Junk Armor Parts (I)


Quest Name Clear Conditions Reward
5-1 風の導き手
Call of the Wind
Defeat the Zentraedi outside and investigate the Sanngetall Ruins. 4900G; 1300EXP; 5800TP
10x Ammo Box (Sub-1)
3x Pineapple Cake (Half)
5-2 クリーフタウン
Cleef Town
Visit the shop in Cleef Town; investigate Grotti Cave. 5100G; 1350EXP; 6050TP
5x Dyaus Frame Part II
3x Afterburner III
5-3 カムジンの謀略
Kamujin's Plot
Arrest the bandit leader. 5300G; 1400EXP; 6300TP
10x Repair Kit I
5x Hand Grenade III
5-4 救出
Defeat the enemies outside and investigate Surudoheimu Fortress. 5500G; 1450EXP; 6550TP
VF-171 Blueprints (I)
Ranka's Phone


Quest Name Clear Conditions Reward
6-1 シークレット・マネージメント
Secret Management
Oversee all four pods. 5700G; 1500EXP; 6800TP
10x Repair Kit I
5x Restoration Kit III
6-2 Planet Cradle
Planet Cradle
Defeat Kamujin's forces in Vrlitwhal City. 5900G; 1550EXP; 7050TP
5x Junk Engine Part II
2x Pineapple Salad (Zentora)
6-3 マヤンの少女
Mayan Girl
Defeat the Havamal Squadron at Yue. 6100G; 1600EXP; 7300TP
5x Repair Kit 2
Giant Tuna
6-4 ZEROからの刺客
The ZERO Assassin
Defeat the Havamal Squadron and investigate Misos Base. 6300G; 1650EXP; 7550TP
10x Ammo Box (Sub-1)
5x Plasma Grenade III
6-5 交わらない想い
Parallel Thoughts
Meet Rod in Moriconehill; investigate the Heruberundi Ruins; defeat the giant guardian weapon. 6500G; 1700EXP; 7800TP
YF-25 Blueprints (I)
Simple Fold Booster


Quest Name Clear Conditions Reward
7-1 超時空シンデレラ
Super Dimensional Cinderella
Investigate the Furoputo Ruins. 6700G; 1750EXP; 8050TP
10x Ammo Box (Sub-1)
2x Eel Tuna (Double)
7-2 ミンメイ奪還
Minmay Retaken
Investigate Kanonos Base; defeat Kamujin. 6900G; 1800EXP; 8300TP
3x Repair Kit IV
Minmay Doll
7-3 伝説の歌姫
The Legendary Diva
Investigate Gagnarthor Ruins. 7100G; 1850EXP; 8550TP
10x Repair Kit I
10x Ammo Box (Sub-2)
7-4 対決!S.M.S
Fight! SMS!
Help the SMS defeat the Havamal. 7300G; 1900EXP; 8800TP
2x Pineapple Salad (Zentora)
10x Ammo Box (Sub-1)


Quest Name Clear Conditions Reward
8-1 伝説のエースパイロット
The Legendary Ace Pilot
Defeat the Havamal Squadron. 7500G; 1950EXP; 9050TP
YF-29 Blueprints (I)
5x Junk Engine Parts III
8-2 サウンドエナジーシステム
Sound Energy System
Investigate Misos Base. 7700G; 2000EXP; 9300TP
5x Repair Kit II
10x Ammo Box (Sub-1)
8-3 惑星に響く歌声
The Voice Echoing Across the Planet
Help the SMS defeat the Havamal; defeat Implant Vajra, Ivanov, Nora and Sharon. 7900G; 2050EXP; 9550TP
5x Restoration Kit III
5x Pineapple Cake (Half)
8-4 最後の起動
Final Ignition
Survey the ruins and return to the Gefion. 8100G; 2100EXP; 9800TP
10x Ammo Box (Sub-1)
2x Steak (200g)
8-5 インターミッション
Select "Go to Final Chapter" in My Ship menu. YF-30 Blueprints (I)


Quest Name Clear Conditions Reward
9-1 決戦
Decisive Battle
Investigate Gurazuheimu Fortress; escape from Fortress.

9-2 フォールド・エビル
Fold Evil
Break through the cocoon's shell and defeat the ancient weapon inside.

 All of the story quests are very simple, with the objectives very clearly indicated on the map (via a yellow quest marker) and on the HUD (via the quest "arrow," which points you in the direction of your next objective and tells you how distant it is). Therefore, there should never be any situation in the main questline where you are left unsure of where to go next... except in the final mission (9-2).

For the final mission, you are required to do two things that are not clearly indicated in the interface. First, you must rescue two characters—this involves using your weaponry to blast away a protective "barrier" around these characters, and then approach them—when you're close enough, you'll see a button prompt. You must press the triangle button to rescue the character. Once both characters are rescued, you must fly away from the boss to the Macross Quarter—which will trigger a cut-scene. You cannot defeat the final boss until after successfully performing this rescue operation.

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