Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Details on Gundam Unicorn PS3 Game + 23 Screens

It would seem you can always count on Famitsu--at least when it comes to building up pre-release hype. In addition to 23 very spiffy looking screenshots of the game, Famitsu also treated us to some very cool lineart.

Take special note of that bottom MS--that beautiful white beast. Some of you may remember the "backstory" for the Sinanju. Much like the Gerbera Tetra in Stardust Memory, the Sinanju began its life as an Anaheim mobile suit--the precursor to the Unicorn itself. And this, my friends, is what it looked like.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Untitled Gundam Unicron Game Announced! (+First Batch of Screens)

With Gundam Extreme Versus due to be released next month, it would be silly to hope for the fine folks over at Bandai to announce another Gundam game, right?

Well, not this time. A new Gundam game--specifically a Gundam Unicorn game--has just been announced for the Playstation 3. It will cover the first three episodes of the OVA, and will include animated cut-scenes drawn from the OVA series. Players will be able to assume the roles of Marida Cruz, Full Frontal, and (of course) Unicorn's utterly incomprehensible protagonist, Banagher Links.

Check out the first batch of screens, fresh from Famitsu: looks pretty good (though, personally, I would have preferred a more cel-shaded look).