Sunday, July 17, 2011

Official Gundam Blog Survey Results Archive (126-150)

Well, it certainly took a while for me to get the more of these results translated, huh? Well, the problem was that I attempted to do everything at once--all 100-some-odd polls translated in one massive post. And what do you think happened? One accidental select-all ended up deleting the whole damned post. Thank god for the auto-save feature, without it, I wouldn't have had to re-do every single thing.

So I'm going back to my original plan of doing everything in increments of 25. For this block, we've got some interesting questions dealing with mobile suit design (that, personally, I found very disheartening) and music. Not surprisingly, Yoko Kanno won that one by a landslide.
#126: The MG Victory Gundam finally released! By the way, what was your favorite thing in Gundam Victory? (6,837 responses; 7.December.2009-13.December.2009)
  • 46.18% - Katejina-san
  • 18.05% - V2 Gundam's Wings of Light
  • 12.10% - Shrike-Team's mortality
  • 06.60% - Mass-Produced V-Gundams
  • 05.87% - "Mother."
  • 05.62% - Haro can do anything
  • 02.52% - Motorad Fleed
  • 01.97% - Lupe Shino's Temptation
  • 01.11% - Angel Halo