Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3D Model: Legend of Galactic Heroes Free Planets Alliance Destroyer

When I first started playing with Google SketchUp, my basic feeling was, "I want to make models of my favorite starships to play with!"

I was fairly pleased with my model of a Free Planets Alliance Battleship, so I moved on to make another FPA warship--this time, a destroyer. And it was a colossal failure. This is the model that made me abandon my initial train of thought, and focus instead on making my own unique, original models. (Most of which have already been uploaded to the 3D Warehouse; feel free to take a look at them, but I'll be examining them in-depth in future blog posts--those models have a lot of little elements and details you may not notice on your own).

You can download the model for yourself HERE.

Once again, I built this model using only a very, very small .gif image of the lateral hull for reference. Unfortunately, I was not as familiar with the design of the FPA destroyer as I was with the battleship, which led to a number of mistakes. Most noticeably, many of the proportions and design elements are simply wrong.

The real shame of the model, though, was that it was boring. I spent a lot of time working on it, and the final result simply isn't that interesting to look at. I ended up adding quite a bit of detail to the engine "cowl," and that ended up being the only part of the ship that looked remotely interesting.

The main problem is, I think, that the hull is just too boxy, too smooth, and too simplistic. It was a chore to design, and that's why my second FPA model was also my very last one. After this, I began slowly establishing my own, unique fictional setting--mostly an amalgamation of other science-fiction settings I  was fond of--and design rules and aesthetic principles, to aid in the creation of my own, original fleets. My early work on LoGH models influenced these later models a great deal--as evidenced by my continued use of LoGH-style "engine cowls." If you're at all interested in ship design, or terribly fond of LoGH-style vessel design specifically, consider checking out some of those original designs.

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