Thursday, November 15, 2012

Macross 30: Pricing & Special Edition Details

UPDATE: pre-orders are up at AmiAmi (the CE is already sold out) with a nice 15% discount.

Along with some more information, courtesy of As previously reported, the upcoming PS3 game, Macross 30: Ginga o Tsunagu Utagoe, will be released in February 2013. We now have an exact date for that release: 28. February 2013. There will be two separate editions of the game sold, the regular edition will cost 8380 JPY, and a "30th Anniversary Super Galaxy Box" edition (30周年超銀河箱). As is usually the case, the special edition will be produced in limited quantities, so pre-order while you can.

The special edition will include:

  • 1 copy of Macross 30: Ginga o Tsunagu Utagoe with special skins taken from the Macross Triangle Frontier and Macross Ultimate Frontier PSP games
  • A limited-edition box with artwork drawn by Tenjin Hidetaka
  • CG Animated special "Get in on-Flying Rock" and "BurningFire" (yes, those are "Engrish")
  • A 90-minute documentary featuring interviews with multiple voice actors from the Macross franchise who appear in the Macross 30 PS3 game, as well as series-creator Shoji Kawamori
  • Conceptual sketches for the animation used in the Macross 30 PS3 game
  • Limited edition animation cels of characters and/or mecha from the Macross franchise
  • Selection of posters created to celebrate Macross' 30th anniversary in various campaigns and events
  • A 30th Anniversary Booklet detailing Macross' 30 year history in television  film and games, which will include DLC codes for special (unique) skins for the VF-1S and VF-25.

The "Super Galaxy Box" will (naturally) cost quite a bit more, at 11800 JYP (approximately 40% more).

The first print fun of both editions of the game will include an early-unlock code and special skin for the YF-29 Durandel.

*Please note that this is the result of a very hasty translation made in about a 40-second window (busy day) so some items may be in error. Please correct me where (if) I'm wrong.

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