Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Origin Volume 05 Chapter 04 Notes

Translation notes for Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, volume 05 chapter 05.

Page 151
I was a bit hesitant with the line I ended up translating to, "I'd like to see a camel caravan." The Japanese is ラクダのキャラバンみたいですね. Maybe it's some kind of saying? Katakana often throws me for a loop. I'm assuming 'Rakuda" is camel; caravan is written out in katakana, though I suppose it could be some other, similar-sounding foreign word. From the context, he appears to be referring to the Medea Supply Corps, but as to the meaning of this line... I don't have the slightest clue.

Page 158
"Last drink of sake," --This is the Japanese word sake (rice wine), not the English word. This line is either A) a Japanese saying referring to ones last drink before death, or B) maybe some personal pre-battle quirk of Ramba Ral's. Either way, it's a difficult concept to convey in English with so few words in so little space.

Later on that page is the line, "Even if I end up earning a two-rank promotion." Here, he's talking about earning a posthumous two-rank promotion after being killed in battle. Basically, he's saying that he'll successfully complete the mission even at the cost of his own life.

Page 163
"It's that man..." I found myself befuddled by much of M'Quve's dialog. What he's saying here is "ano otokko koto da," the "ano" bit is one of the "this" terms in Japanese used to refer to something that's far away, so he's speaking of a person who is not present. Who? I dunno. My first thought was Char, but it could be anyone. The language he's using in inherently vague.

Page 196
Daniel Shoenberg. Know who he is? Yeah--be neither. He's one of those Origin-specific background characters, and he's in one of the White Base' Guntanks during Ramba Ral's attack.

Page 197
"Come out with your hands up! And don't try anything funny!" Wow, was that a cliched line. I almost cracked up reading it because that's -exactly- what the Japanese translates to. You don't usually see such simple, 1:1 translations. I almost translated the last bit to, "And no funny business!" but I thought that would have been just slightly too silly.


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  1. Just in-case you havent heard Vertical have announced that they will be translating the full run of the origin in a limited edition format in english. Just to let you know in the event you wanted to give more time to the First or another manga, Gundam Legacy(Prehaps). Either way thanks for the release

    1. I was not aware of that. Thanks for letting me know. It certainly changes things... but in what way? I'll have to think for a bit.

      In the meanwhile I'll focus on The First.

  2. Vertical will finish all the volumes?. We dont't have garuantee of that. Let the boy finnish his job on the right time.

    1. Vertical have confirmed that they are going to indeed finish the entire series. If you have any questions float on over to twitter page and ask a question they usually answer any questions within an hour or so