Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gundam Seed Battle Destiny (Vita) Preliminary Translation Guide

UPDATE: You can view the completed translation guide HERE.

The semester is over and I have officially passed all of my classes. Without dying. It was touch-and-go for a bit, there. So now it's time for summer and robots. I'll be tossing out some additional Origin eventually, but first it's time to focus on Gundam Seed Battle Destiny.

Here's a quick (preliminary) translation guide for the various menus. My copy of the game is actually still en route, so much thanks to IceCold1993, of GameFAQs, for providing some menu screenshots so I could get working. I hope to have a basic guide written up by Monday or Tuesday so I can move on to other things... God knows I've got a backlog.

So, anyway, let's get this stock train going.

*Note: open the image in a new tap/window to see it at the proper size

First up, the main menu. Didn't see that one coming, did you? I can handle low-res kanji just fine. It takes some time, but I can deal. Mostly. You know what's hard as ****ing stone when it comes to translating? English words written out in katakana. That menu looks pretty simple, right? Well, it doesn't really say, "Versus," it says, "Multiplay."

Took me about six minutes to figure out what that (and, "My Room") meant. Yikes

Next is the VS Mission menu. I'm not sure if this is accessed straight from the "Free Play" or "Multiplay" or what, nor do I know what Item Battle is. Free Battle is probably whatever--you pick who you're fighting and where--point battle is a competition to rack up points, kills competition kills, etc., etc.

And this is the basic mission launch screen. The player controls the top pilot, the bottom pilot is your AI ally. Naturally, I'll elaborate on skills and SP attacks later.

The pilot upgrade menu. Should look pretty familiar to anyone who''s played any of Artdink's six-thousand other mech combat games. The stats are in a slightly different order, however.

Mobile Suit upgrade menu.  I'm assuming thruster speed = thruster recharge rate. Balancer, Turning Ability and Mobility have been stats in Artdink games forever... but I must admit that I have no greater understanding of what, exactly, they do now than I did when I first starting playing.

And a rush to a quick finish with the Weapon upgrade menu.

So, yeah, some simple (sometimes obvious) stuff. Here's hoping it's halfway useful to someone out there.

EDIT: some of you may or may not have noticed a distinct lack of posts lately. Thanks for the emails of support! Though, unfortunately, it seems that long periods of inactivity aren't exactly unheard of when it comes to my little blog here.

A quick update on where everything is--or isn't. I'll go into some of the details re: scanlation later, but I'll be changing things around a bit whenever I finish that next chapter of the Origin. Again. I say again because my old hard drive died, and I lost all of my work on The First and The Origin. So now, like a good little automaton, I'm starting over. I still plan on releasing volumes 2 and 3 of The First in a single release, so that may be a while yet, but the next chapter of the Origin I'm hoping to finish before September starts up.


  1. Thank you for that, I'm a little lost without these gamefaqs translations.

  2. thanks a lot
    arigatou gozaimashita. Mecha benri !

  3. its easy to figure out control wise if you play alot of gundam games but the mission names and what to clear are the hard parts for non japanese speakers. thanks for the menu though took me a whole ten mins of trial and error for what each does

  4. Looking forward to its completion especially the Pilot Skill list (in order) and the missions description :D