Monday, March 12, 2012

The Origin Volume 05 Chapter 03 Notes

It's a quick read, but good God was it a pain in the ass to translate. Half the dialog is stuffy as hell, the other half is crude as hell. Couple that with the typical business of a full semester and... well, there you have it. Hell, I think it took about a month just to get around to those last four pages.

...Seems trustworthy enough

Anyway, I hope you like it. I worry sometimes that perhaps too much of my own voice leaks into the dialog when I try to make the language more approachable for my fellow English-speakers. But I think I've managed to find a good balance; most of the translation is literal (as literal as any Japanese can be) but sometimes I add... flourish to the language. For example, when the Zeon officer at the end is shouting at his men, he just says "you." It's a very rude form of the word in Japanese, but us English-speakers only have one "you" and it's a pretty damn neutral term. (Unless you count "y'all"). So I translated it to "Sons of bitches." It's not a literal translation, but it conveys the attitude and tone of the dialog better than a literal translation of the Japanese ever could.

Anyway, grab it from the Translations page:

And if anyone out there knows how to change Photoshop's default compression, I'd love to hear it. Image quality for these scans defaults to 8 or so, and if I could change it to 10 or so there'd be a lot fewer compression artifacts. (Yes, I could do it manually, but it's a pain in the ass I never remember to do).

And if you're not playing Mass Effect 3 already, hop to it! Fantastic game. I've heard the ending is absolutely awful (which, honestly, doesn't surprise me for a Bioware game) but everything else is damn near perfect. Well, if you can ignore how the plot contrives to have this massive, galactic war revolve entirely around squad-based infantry tactics. But still. I haven't gotten to the end yet, but it's definitely a game worth playing. Possibly THE game worth playing this year.

You know, outside of all the other awesome titles 2012 is bringing us.


  1. Thanks for the hard work much appreciated cant wait for the anime adaptation no telling when it will be released thoXD

  2. Thank you very much! Like the comment above I hope to see the anime soon

  3. I haven't read this manga anything yet. But thanks for give us something that we could'nt get in other way.

  4. Hey! Where are you exactly?? When will will the latest volume come up? My hamster was 3 years since the last time you updated Gundam manga and now it is 5 years!! Goddamnit.. Come on!! Show up man!!

  5. ...This blog isn't even 2 years old, and I haven't even been translating manga for even 1 year yet.