Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gundam: The Origin Volume 03 Chapter 04 Notes

Hopping back a bit to release the final chapter of Volume 3, starting right where Eikou left off. I can really, really see why Origin has proven to be such a slippery project in the past. Some chapters are short and snappy, while others are nothing but text (with lots of complex kanji!). The average chapter length is pretty long, too, at fifty pages--but then there are longer chapters JUST LIKE THIS ONE that are 100 or more pages long!

It takes a lot--a lot--of endurance to make it through that much manga!

I've also updated the archives for Volume 4 (both the full volume and the individual chapter releases) to fix some things--new translation for the "intro" pages, decided to translate the chapter tiles, fixed a few mistakes I noticed. I hate to say it--BUT--download it again! And I'll try not to waste any more time obsessing over small details with already-released chapters!

Right now I'm working on Volume 5 Chapter 2. It's another long one (so long, in fact, that Volume 5 only has three "real" chapters and a single short "Extra" story about Char and Kycilia). It'll probably take me a while to finish that, but I hope to have it done sometime next week.

Mostly because next week begins the new semester! (That exclamation mark is entirely facetious, by the way).


  1. Thank you for sharing! Great job as always.

  2. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thank you, you are a hero to mankind

  4. Keep it up!! I've been searching high and low for Gundam manga distributor and thank God there's one here. Hope you can double your effort in making more of it. Good luck!