Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gundam AGE Generation 2 Preview

 (UPDATED JANUARY 15th -- Scroll to bottom)

We've already seen what some of the upcoming mechs for Gundam AGE's second generation look like, and with Frit's final battle beginning this week, it's about time to look ahead a bit to see what Gundam Age will offer once the middle arc of the story, the second generation, starts off.

Left: Asemu Asuno (son); Right: Flit Asuno (father)
 Set 25 years after the events of Gundam AGE's first act, the focus of the story shifts from Flit Asuno to his son, Asemu. It is unknown whether or not the more-or-less constant state of hostilities between the Earth Federation and the Unknown Enemy is still present after Grodek's assault on the UE nest at Ambat, but it seems probable.

At age 17, Asemu will be the oldest of AGE's three protagonists. The first several episodes of the Generation 2 story will take place in a Military Academy (naturally, Asemu's "dream" is to pilot a Gundam like is father, Frit). Most of the (new) supporting cast will be drawn from Asemu's classmates.

 From left to right: Arisa, a 17-years old girl; Marcus, a 22-year old man; Mashiru, a 17-year old boy, Shawie (Charlie?) a 17-year old boy, Romarie, a 17-year old girl, Zehato, a 17-year old boy; Asemu Asuno, a 17-year old boy; Emily Asuno, a 39-year old woman; Frit Asuno, a 39-year old man.

So Frit and Emily get married! Oddly, the character art thus far unveiled seems to be missing several key Generation 1 characters--Grodek, Yuri and Woolf are all conspicuous for their absence, among others. Does this mean they won't survive the time-skip? Maybe, maybe not.

We don't know too much about the main cast at this point. The two key side characters will be Zehato and Romarie. Romarie fits into the "school idol" archetype--the school beauty who is absurdly popular with everyone--and is the heroine of Generation 2 (and, therefore, the most likely love interest for Asemu). Zehato, on the other hand (despite having a character design very, very similar to Woolf's) fits into the "mysterious transfer student" archetype.

In the first few episodes, we'll be introduced to Asemu and his classmates, who are members of the school's "mobile suit club." They live in a peaceful colony, which would seem to imply that, after the events of Generation 1, the UE are believed to have been defeated or wiped out. The days of cheery school hijinks are brought to an abrupt end when (surprising everyone) the UE attack the colony. True to form, Asemu will hop in the stylish AGE-2 Gundam to repel their assault.

The AGE-2 Double Barret

Similar to the AGE-1, the AGE-2 Gundam will have different "types." With more modern designs than AGE-1 variants, the AGE-2 promises to look quite incredible once it's animated. So far, we've seen two of the three variants--the regular AGE-2 Gundam (pictured below) which seems to emphasize speed and mobility; the AGE-2 Double Barret (pictured above) which seems to emphasize versatile ranged attacks and firepower. Going by the pattern, it's highly probable that the third AGE-2 variant will be a melee-focused machine, similar to 00's Exia.

Presumably, all three AGE-2 variants will be able to transform into a mobile-armor form like the normal AGE-1.

From left to right: Vargas, Marcus, Arisa, Millais
The Earth Federation's Diva will still be around, this time captained by Millais Alloy (who now holds the rank of commander. Guess they forgave that whole, "treason," thing). Under her command are Marcus, an ensign who pilots the Adele mobile suit (which is a mass-production version of the AGE-1 Gundam) and Arisa, a Petty Officer Second Class, who also pilots and Adele mobile suit. And, somewhere in this whole mess is Vargas, now a great-grandfather, alive and kicking at the ripe old age of 80.
The Adele
The second generation of Gundam AGE is set to begin with Episode 16, airing on Sunday, January 29nd. Today marked the beginning of the final battle with the UE (episode 13) and it promises quite an exciting climax to Generation 1. With luck, Generation 2 will build off the narrative tension established thus far by Flit and Grodek & co. and take the show to a new level.

I, for one, am greatly anticipating the battle between Flit and Decil (and, of course, poor doomed Yurin) in the coming weeks. Hopefully, we'll learn just enough about the Unknown Enemy to make their return 25 years later even more impressive than their (somewhat lackluster) initial appearance.

UPDATE: we've got information on the cast as well as a plethora of images from the first episode and opening on the Gen2 arc.

Takuya Eguchi as Asemu Asuno
Hiroshi Kamiya as Zehaato
Kana Hanazawa as Romarie
Takehito Koyasu as Arugureasu (Big Ring officer)*
Kazuhiko Inoue as Flit Asuno
Shintarou Oohata as Dique Gunhale (Diva's mechanic)
Yu Shimamura as Millais Alloy (Diva's captain)
Daisuke Ono as Woolf (Diva's mobile suit team commander)
Ami Koshimizu as Ariisa (MS team member)
Koji Yusa as Oburaito (MS team member)
Daisuke Sakaguchi as Max (MS team member)

*Note: "Big Ring" is the name of the Earth Federation headquarters in AGE.


  1. noooo!!!!!!! poor yurin

  2. I wonder if she'll at least get a cool Mobile Armor to die in...

    But, hell, AGE could always throw a curveball and have Yurin survive. Maybe get brainwashed by the UE so Asemu can rescue her later on?

    Bah, we all know that won't happen. AGE is shaping up to be the safest series since Turn A.

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    later marks.

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  5. Heroin?

    Yeah, it's obvious, but a lot of us were hoping that they wouldn't go the obvious route. Right now, AGE is pretty damned archetypal. If it can't establish a unique identity for itself, then it has no reason to exist.

  6. Good grief,what kinda school has such a short skirt as part of the girl's uniform?Especially when all the boys are already in long pants.Whats with these anime?And that girl hanging with asemu behaves like such a dramaqueen.Prefer flit's episodes.wonder if he'd have married yurin instead if she hadn't been killed.They're both x rounders afterall,i think they call that the seed in gundam seed.Weird resemblance zehard has to wolf,even the hairstyle,yet he's a UE.

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