Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merch Medley VII

Got a number of nifty things to check out this time. Well, mostly gunpla--but, hey, gunpla's cool!

First up, a high-grade 1/144 Dorado, from Gundam Age. I'm not entirely certain, but I'm pretty sure this is the new "basic" grunt for the UE in the second-era of Gundam Age, and thus the main foe Flit and Yurin's son will be up against.

Death flags smeath flags.

1,200 yen (cheap!) this January

One of my larger problems with 00 (other than the fairly boring combat choreography) is the fact that the UE are, by far, the least threatening enemies the franchise has seen--even Windams and Leos seemed more menacing. Some of that has to do with the very "clean" and organic look of the mechs (though I do like the basic concept, and it is cool to see them slowly "evolve" into more humanoid chapes) but most of it has to do with equipment. No melee weapons? No ranged weapons? Just... a tail that shoots big lasers and hands that shoot smaller lasers/make crappy swords? Yeesh. To make matters worse, we never get to see any enemies. Right now, Age is able to maintain a small level of narrative tension by focusing on the various mysterious in the plot--mostly dealing with the Federation and those newtype-wannabes. I'm not sure that's enough to sustain a 50-episode show, so I hope we get to see some enemy pilots soon.

Next up: a 1/144 scale Zeddas, also from Gundam Age. this mech will be the "new" UE machine for the end of Flit's story and the "old" UE type for Asemus. It's certainly got a nice color scheme going for it. It'll be out next month, too, for 1,500 yen.

And on the Federation side of things... an HG 1/144 Adele, out this February for 1,200 yen.

Given the suit's slender frame, I guessing it'll be piloted by a girl. Remember back in Tomio's day when the cute girls got big, bulky suits like Super Gundams, Palas Athenes, Qubeleys and White Dolls?


Well, at the very least, I hope she's not another utterly useless pilot like Soma/Luna.

Next up, some new Figma display figures.

I've never been the biggest fan (or, really, any kind of fan) of Type-Moon stuff, but that PSP Fate game that just got released was pretty cool. Even if the whole concept of "old men reincarnated as young girls" thing is a bit impossible to get used to.

Figma Samus is Figma Samus. Very pretty and shiny: if you're a big Metroid fan, it's probably a must-buy. Can't say I've seen many Metroid figures that even come close to looking that good.

And now some Figuarts!

2,625 yen for a badass Persona 4 figure? ...Seems kinda pricey for a not-Chie, but still... badass. The persona seems like it ought to be larger than MC, though, right?

Figuarts Kenshin! At 3,500 yen it's even more expensive, but it's Kenshin! Gotta love that. And apparently Watsuki is going to be drawing more (how much more no one knows yet) Rurouni Kenshin manga next year! Maybe that's awesome, and I'd love to think it's awesome, but given how lame that Rurouni Kenshin "new anime" news turned out to be (recap: an anime movie covering the already-animated Kyoto arc) I'm not gonna get too excited.

Hell, I still have to finish grabbing all the manga volumes.

Next up... more Gundam Age... the Gage-ing Gundam AGE-2 action figure! ...Well, it's kind of hard to get excited over something this cheap and poorly made, but I figured I'd post it because even if the figure is of such low-quality, it does show off some nice new angles of Asemu's Gundam AGE-2. Which should show up in the actual show... in just a few weeks, really.

 And, of course, no merch medley would be complete without a taste of some crazy-awesome looking Robot Damashii figures...

 ...that are Tamashii Nation exclusives. GODAMMIT, BYALANT!

That Supebaria GN-X Robot Damashii is just damned sexy.

Oh, and before I forget--

--A Figuarts Trunks. Kinda cool, huh?

Anyway, let's wrap things up with the just-announced Gundam game for the Playstation Vita--Gundam Seed Battle Destiny:

Well, the visuals may not be too impressive, and the Gundam Battle series may have gone downhill in recent years, but at one time it was the king of Gundam games, so Battle Destiny may benefit from the narrower focus. Then again, that narrower focus is on Destiny, and I'm not sure the almost-as-bad taste of 00 was enough to wash Destiny's bitter aftertaste away for most fans.

Anyway, it will cover all of the Cosmic Era timeline, and include mobile suits and mobile armors from Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny, Stargazer, X Astray, VS Astray and Seed MSV.

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