Thursday, December 8, 2011

Megahouse Gundam Cosmo Fleet Act 7 Details

With Act 6 due out this month, we're already seeing information on MegaHouse's next entry in the (apparently) popular Cosmo Fleet series. Sure, the quality control may be spotty at best, but I'll be damned if I don't love these things--and Act 7 looks genuinely awesome.

I've always been very fond of the Albion (#1 White Base variant!) so it's great to see it getting re-released--particularly given how rare and expensive the older Cosmo Fleet figures have become.  And the extra generic Feddie and Zeke warships? Absolutely iconic. I'll be pre-ordering at least two sets of these babies as soon as HLJ puts the page up!


  1. love me sum musai

  2. Are these boxed randomly like gashapon, or does each set come with one of each?

  3. Cosmo-Fleet has been very good about at least one of every in the boxes for a while now. You may or may not get the variant but you should get a full set. I will know for sure any day now.