Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gundam Unicorn PS3 Preview

A slew of new information has been released about the upcoming PS3 Gundam game based on the popular (and nearly complete!) Gundam Unicorn OVA series. Much of the information confirms earlier speculation on my part, and it looks like the final game will be a much better, bigger product than I expected.

EDIT: Promotional video added (check it out!)

It's a bit hard to get a feel for the combat mechanics based solely upon the few small snippets offered in the video, but it looks like the two modes are based around melee and ranged combat, respectively. I can't realy quantify why I feel this way, but to me, the combat looks more like the Seed game, Never Ending Tomorrow than Encounters in Space... which is a bit disappointing. It seems a bit unpolished.

It still looks like it may be a fun game, mind you, I just have a feeling the "worth" of the game will be almost entirely dependent on the amount of content it offers.

Yes: this is in-game footage. Yes: it is sexy. No: I do not mind if you drool.
Basically, it looks awesome--and it's coming SOON. Gundam Unicorn (PS3) is set to be released in Japan in the Spring of 2012. That's right: we'll be getting an awesome Unicorn game right around the same time the fifth episode of the OVA is release.

Hot damn, it's a good time to be a Gundam fan.
Breaching a mobile suit's reactor will result in a larger explosion--adding a new dimension to the game that was impossible to achieve with older Gundam titles.
Gundam Unicorn (PS3) follows the story of the first three episodes of the OVA series. Players will be able to play through story mode as various specific characters, each with their own individual routes. Each story mode will consist of a handful of story missions, which will faithfully depict the narrative of the OVA series through the use of fully-voiced dialog and animated cut-scenes taken straight out of the OVA. (Sadly, it does not appear that the Unicorn game will feature any new animation). In addition to the main story missions, each character's route will include a number of "Monologue" missions which offer additional narrative content in order to flesh out the personalities of the cast and add greater depth to the story. The monologues are fully-voiced, but do not have animated cut-scenes like the story missions: instead, the narrative is delivered through static 2D backgrounds (and possibly CGI and in-game cut-scenes).
Each pilot will have a unique set of missions to complete: blue icons indicate story missions; yellow icons indicate monologue missions.
In addition to the story mode, players will also be able to play a special "Custom Cast Mode." (No, that does not mean character creation ala Macross Triangle Frontier). In this mode, players will be able to create their own team of up to six mobile suits and one warship, and use this team to play through a variety of challenging missions. You can choose specific mobile suits and pilots for each mobile suit (warships take on 3 pilots as "crew") that effect the stats of the unit, and you can obtain new weapons, mobile suits and characters to use by completing various missions in the Custom Cast mode.
Custom Cast mode looks to have a lot of depth to it, and the team size suggests large-scale battles. So far, the Nahel-Argama, Musai-class and Ra Cailun-class have all been seen in the game.
Custom Cast mode will be divided into various scenarios, which in turn will be broken into branching missions of varying difficulty. Perhaps we'll see something similar to the alternate-histories found in Gundam vs Zeta Gundam? The story mode mission select screen happened to resemble the timeline from GvZG, too, didn't it?
Gameplay-wise, Unicorn is built around a mode-shift mechanic, allowing the player to shift (at any time) between two different gameplay mechanics with (ostensibly) different control schemes. Precise details have not yet been announced (and it's not likely we'll know much worthwhile until we see some gameplay footage) but it seems that the two mechanics will be based on how the mobile suit moves--a fast mode for moving about the battlefield (mobile armor mode?) and a slower mode for thick combat situations.
The sheer level of detail present in every aspect of the game--from engine and weapon effects to asteroids to lighting to all the tiny details on the Nahel Argama's hull--is mind-bogglingly impressive.
And wait--there's more! (Sorry bout the cliche there, but I couldn't resist): let's talk DLC.

Three new mobile suits have been confirmed for DLC release: the Delta Gundam (the "perfect" version of the Hyaku Shiki); the Delta Gundam Kai (a newtype-use mobile suit described as "revolutionary"), and the Sinanju Stein. The Sinanju Stein and Delta Gundam Kai will be available as DLC, but the Delta Gundam will only be redeemable via a voucher code included (in limited quantities) with the initial print-run of the game. Additional downloadable content will include additional characters, mobile suits and scenarios--some of which will be free to download, while the bigger stuff will cost ya'.
The Delta Gundam is the ultimate form of the Hyaku Shiki--or, rather, it is the Hyaku Shiki as it was meant to be. Kind of like the Perfect Zeong. I'll take this sexy, shiny mess over a Delta Plus any day of the week.
The Delta Gundam Kai is a highly advanced mobile suit built off the Delta Gundam frame. Designed for newtype-use, it will revolutionize mobile suit combat throughout all of space.
The Sinanju Stein was built as a high-performance mobile suit by Anaheim Electronics as part of the development of the Gundam Unicorn. It's performance was so great that it was believed that no human being could pilot it.
And even more! 

The first DLC scenario is titled, "The Postwar War" (戦後の戦争), and was written specifically for the game by Harutoshi Fukui, the original writer of the Gundam Unicorn novel series. It will feature the Sinanju Stein, designed by Hajime Katoki, and will deal with its theft by Full Frontal and the Neo Zeon Sleeves.

Yeah: I called it.


 Despite my initial misgivings about the game (specifically, it's lack of content) Gundam Unicorn looks like it will offer a very, very solid amount of Single player content, tons of different mobile suits to play around with, and--what excites me the most--promises large-scale battles featuring large numbers of mobile suits, missiles, warships and beams flying around. Assuming it plays as well as it looks (and I'm thinking the mechanics will basically be like a much-improved version of the old Encounters in Space game on the PS2) I'd say it's a must-buy, and possibly the definitive Gundam Game of this generation. It certainly looks to give Gundam Senki a run for its money. I, for one, will be paying very close attention to the game in the coming weeks and months: it's easily my single most anticipated title for 2013.

Ship-to-ship battles? Oh hell yes.
Visually, Gundam Unicorn is the most impressive gundam game ever produced.
The in-game models are incredibly detailed: I really hope we get a 3D model viewer in the game. And, uh, online multiplayer, too, I guess.
Hopefully the camera angle will be more conservative for most of the game. It probably moves around (like this) to show off special attack animations.
I'm not going to lie: I don't think he's going to make it.
I really love launching scenes. In games, at least.
Almost every mobile suit that appears in the OVA series will be playable in-game.
Anyone who isn't a fan of the Dom has no soul.
Holy destruction damage, Batman! This is the kind of visual effects I've been dying to see in a Gundam game for years.
Look at that nebula. Come to think of it, are any nebula actually visible from the vicinity of Earth?
That smug grin would work better for him if he had a mask to go with it.
Love the art style; hate the character.
Quick! Is the Unicorn pictured above the in-game model, or is this a capture from the first OVA episode?
Stupid Sexy Puru
You can pre-order the game at Play-Asia today! Both the Japan Version and Asia Version are available. What's the difference between the two? Japan Version is intended for domestic distribution, whereas Asia Version is intended for international distribution. It's the same game printed in the same factory--the only difference is that the Asia version has a different rating system than Japan (which uses CERO) and the Asia version is much, much cheaper. If you're looking to pre-order the game, do yourself a favor--be a smart consumer!--and buy the Asia Version.


  1. looks aweomse :D

    wasn't really expecting much (only 3 episodes? really?) but it looks like they're really going all out to make it a great game.

    doubt it'll be as good as 0081, though.

  2. Thanks for the info!

  3. >Anyone who isn't a fan of the Dom has no soul.
    But that's a dreissen. You wouldn't call a jegan a gm would you?

  4. the visual aesthetic is pretty much the same. Same w/ gira zulus and zaku 2s. if you like the one design, you like the other, because their pretty much the same.

  5. holy god this game looks awesome. Sinanju Sein!? Fffffffffffff--

    --my body is not ready.

  6. Gundam Extreme VS visuals are more impressive in my view at least.

  7. Hm... I think it'll be hard to judge without seeing the game in motion. And playing it for myself. I've been very (VERY) impressed with EXVS's visuals... when it comes to the actual mobile suits. (Environments are pretty dull). The level of detail w/ the models, and the animations... very impressive.

  8. Will there be a version for the 360 or is it just for the PS3?

  9. PS3 only. The Xbox-360 is effectively dead in Japan, and has been for quite some time.

  10. will there be english language?

  11. Graphic PS2 lol!!!!