Wednesday, December 14, 2011

1/144 Gundam AGE-2 Unveiled

Finally--we can wrap our paltry minds around what this second suit will really look like.

Just by looking at the box art, you may be tempted to think, "great, another version of the Zeta transformation." Oddly enough, the AGE-2 has the first new transforming design since Gundam Wing (yeah, that's right--I don't count the LaGowe). Sure, it borrows a bit from the Kyrios, but all-round it looks to be one of the best balanced mobile armor modes we've seen since Zeta. (By which I mean it looks good and well-proportioned from every angle, not just one or two).

The wings are a bit reminiscent of the 00-Raiser, but have a lot less mass (which is always good--I'm sick of top-heavy designs). The rifle is predictably OVERHUGE, but I can live with that. One thing I particularly like is the sleekness of the design (especially the legs--they've got a great shape to 'em). I'm also a sucker for predominantly blue/white gundams.

The main torso and head look pretty familiar--very much like the AGE-1. Will this be a genuinely new unit, or a simple upgrade? I still don't care much for the big flat panel in the front of the torso, but the "breasts" w/ the yellow intakes look pretty stylish. That head screams Windam at me: not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

Backpack looks serviceable, I suppose--personally, I prefer a big array of vernier thrusters (like in the Sinanju Stein mentioned earlier). The long, spiky skirt armor looks pretty badass, though.

The shoulder mounted wing-blades are well suited for some awesome poses. Think the AGE-2 will have add-on equipment similar to the Titus/Spallow? And while I'm on the subjective on wings, I'm really glad to see this time around the giant, heavy shoulder-wings are actually attached to the shoulders instead of simply held up on top of the shoulders with some flimsy backpack-struts. That really bothered the hell out of me with the 00, 00-Raiser and 00-Quanta.

Mobile armor mode looks a lot nice than I expected. I guess that's why the rifle is so OVERHUGE.  The legs being moved so wide apart may remind some people of the Kyrios, but I find the general design to remind me (more than anything else) from the incredibly sexy VF-2SS from Macross II.

Seeing the AGE-2 looking so nice, I really can't wait to see what other new designs will show up after the timeskip. So far, the only AGE suits that have really grabbed my imagination have been the Federation grunts--specifically, the G-Exes and Genoace.

Back to the AGE-2, there's still no release date (I have a feeling the whole "three generations" thing is wreaking havoc with Bandai's merchandising department) and there's no real "gunpla" centric news to add beyond the photos posted above, save one small bit of info: the AGE-2 will feature a ball joint in the torso, giving it a lot more posability than is typical for 1/144 scale High Grade releases. Cool!

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