Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Details on Gundam Unicorn PS3 Game + 23 Screens

It would seem you can always count on Famitsu--at least when it comes to building up pre-release hype. In addition to 23 very spiffy looking screenshots of the game, Famitsu also treated us to some very cool lineart.

Take special note of that bottom MS--that beautiful white beast. Some of you may remember the "backstory" for the Sinanju. Much like the Gerbera Tetra in Stardust Memory, the Sinanju began its life as an Anaheim mobile suit--the precursor to the Unicorn itself. And this, my friends, is what it looked like.

Pretty cool, huh? I've gotta say, I like the original design more than the Sinanju itself. hell, I like it more than the Unicorn itself, or any other suit in Unicorn. There's just something about a backpack full of vernier rockets.....


You may also notice the Delta Gundam behind some awful camera glare.  Yeah, all these are playable suits in the game. Awesome.

So very, very awesome.

Anyway, on to the screenshots:

 The mobile suits would seem to be very well detailed, at a similar level to Gundam Senki. The shaders used (which creat something of a faux-celshaded look) also seem to be the same, or very similar to those used in Senki. A good thing, I think.

 The biggest problem facing the game, of course, is the fact that it's only going to cover half of (what passes for) the OVA's plot.  That doesn't lend itself well toward presenting a coherent, satisfying narrative--nor does it present many opportunities for action. It would take a fair amount of effort to squeeze more than a dozen different battles out of the first three episodes, so hopefully the developers will be including combat from MORE than just what we see in the OVAs.

 I've always been a big fan of the ship designs in Gundam--UC in particular. While the Argama is my personal favorite, the Nahel Argama is pretty damned nice, too. It's wonderful to see it rendered with such painstaking detail. That, alone, will make the game an instant-buy for me.

I just hope they include a 3D model viewer. I could spend hours rotating and zooming in and out on those models if they'd only let me.

Overall, the game looks incredibly detailed and polished--at least so far as presentation goes. Did you catch the oil splatter on that Jegan? The molten metal frame as it was bisected by the Kshatriya's beam sword? Yeah, that's a level of detail rare on even the most expensive of AAA titles these days. If nothing else, Gundam Unicorn (PS3) looks to be a very cinematic experience.

As for how it will play? If I had to guess, based purely on the screenshots and what little information has been revealed thus far, I imagine it will play something like the old Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space game back from the PS2 era--basically, a mix of on-rails shooting segments (which allow for very cinematic scenes), 3D "sim" combat w/ altered mechanics for melee combat reminiscent of 2D fighters. But, of course, that's just supposition.

The only real new information about the game per se is that there WILL be downloadable content, and that the first press release of the game will come bundled with a early unlock code for the Delta Plus.

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