Monday, September 26, 2011

Merch Medley VI

Another gundam-centry Merch Medley post... but first, a bit of boring blog-related news that I don't feel is interesting or important enough to warrant its own post.

1) For the moment, I've given up on the idea of posting my own pictures for reviews. My camera sucks, and I'm focused more on the written aspect myself. In order to post some of the reviews I've written up, I think I'll just post a few pictures from either Japanese/Chinese photoreviews, or photos released by manufacturers/retailers. Whenever I get the time, money and inclination for a new camera, I'll try and add some of my own images.

2) Regular updates!?!? I've been trying to update more regularly for a while now: I'm going to start doing mini-review posts for Gundam Age once it starts airing (IN TWO WEEKS!). While these posts may not be that interesting in and of themselves, I'm hoping they'll encourage me to post more, period.

3) Just got my Robot Damashii Wing Zero Custom in the mail yesterday. It. Is. Awesome. Easily one of the best RDs I've seen, even if the beam saber is kind of tiny. It also comes with a display stand, which is ALWAYS nice.

Anyway, on to the Merch Medley stuff. We start out with a bunch of images of the recently-releaced 1/144 scale high grade Gundam AGE-1.

 Gotta say, it's a bit blocky, but I do like the AGE-1's head.
 That skirt armor on the other hand.... absolutely awful.
 Gotta love the fact that we're getting back to suits with rocket thrusters. Kind of lame that the AGE-1 really only has the 3 on the backpack, but hell, at least it's better than the average of ZERO we got with Gundam 00 designs.
 Looks like Gundam 00's modular weaponry is gonna become a franchise staple.

Next is a small scan of the upcoming Cosmo Fleet Act 6... figures look a bit better in color, no? As bad as the quality control is on these figures (my Dominion from Act 5, for example, had the bridge molded on BACKWARDS) I'm definitely going to be buying one of these.

 And more Wing on the way in the form of a master grade Sandrock. Here's hoping we get some MG Tallgeese action soon: and some GRUNTS. There is a resin Leo kit coming out soon, but those things are crazy overpriced, and resin kits have notoriously bad quality control of the molds.

And let's close things up with images from Tamashii Nation's Akiba Showroom. You know, I used to love the Robot Damashii line... I really did. But I've gotten one too many figures of questionable quality, and all of these Tamashii Webshop Exclusive are really going a long way toward changing those feelings into sheer animosity.

 General rule of thumb: it it looks REALLY AWESOME, it's a Tamashii Webshop exclusive.

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