Monday, September 19, 2011

Merch Medley V

The return of the Merch Medley posts!

First up: the "special" new Robot Damashii Unicorn Gundam.

I'm not sure what, exactly, makes it so much better than the previous Unicorn Destroy robot damashii, other than the fact that it includes ALL of the weapons this time around. Given how much the RD line loves re-packaging the same figures with only minor difference, I wouldn't count on their being any other difference.

Also: note the side profile of the figure circled. Robot Damashii Nu Gundam, anyone?

Next:  new images of Gundam Cosmo Fleet Act 6!

It would appear to include the Mother Vanguard (Crossbone Gundam), the battle-damaged Nahel Argama from the second Gundam Unicorn OVA epsisode, the Garencieres (Unicorn), the Space Ark (F91) and Zamouth Gar (F91).

As is usually the case, this Cosmo Fleet set contains 2 ships I love (Zamouth Gar and Space Ark) and 2 I don't care about at all (Garencieres and damaned Nahel Argama). So I'm going to buy it. Hell, I'll probably buy two--the Cosmo Fleet sets have AWFUL quality-control (and are produced in limited quantities, so...). In my Act 5 set, for example, the Dominion's bridge was molded on backwards. Ulgh.

I just hope they don't cancel the line before making a Reinforce Junior. Love that ship.

Oh, well. On to the recently-released HGUC Jesta.

Sexy, huh? Mine should be shipping from HLJ pretty soon. It may not look too distinct near my HGUC GM Quel, however. Onto the Fix Metal Composite RX-78-2 (Gundam: The Origin version).

I've been holding off on getting an RX-78-2 figure, waiting for a good RD Origin version or MG Origin version. There's just something about that rear-cannon that makes the revised design seem so much better. Wish I could say the same for Origin's White Base.

Then we've got Play Arts' Lightning figure, from the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2. It will be released this December for 5,200 yen.

Pretty nice design. Dunno if I'll actually get around to playing the game, as I've left XIII-1 unfinished for... quite a while. Loved the story and characters (especially Lightning) but... absolutely hated the battle system. Hm... oh well.

Moving on.... check out the upcoming Robot Damashii Dann of Thursday.

And to wrap things up with a bang, the next big SH Figurarts release will be... SSJ3 Goku!

It'll be out sometime in early 2012, for 4,725 yen. Pricey, but I've wanted to nab a good Goku figure for a long time, and this one looks better than any of the others I've seen.

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