Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gundam Age CM3 Released

The third television for the upcoming Gundam anime series, Gundam Age, has been uploaded to Youtube--check out the 1080p version, if you can.

In case you've missed it, here is second promotional video, which was released a week or so ago. At 5 minutes, it shows  off a fair bit of (presumably) the first episode, giving us a good feel for the general tone and aesthetic of Gundam age.

Generally speaking, despite the markedly poor track record of the Gundam franchise ever since Fukuda produced Seed more than a decade ago, I find myself strangely optimistic for Gundam Age. While the actual character and mecha designs do absolutely nothing for me, I enjoy the retro-aesthetic. Age certainly looks like something straight out of 1977. I'm also looking forward to (finally) seeing some decent, HD Gundam animation outside of an OVA or movie. See had potential, but never really went anywhere good so far as I was concerned, due to the overemphasis on pretty "light shows" and the general speed and incoherence of the combat scenes. In terms of battle choreography, Age appears to be more traditional.

Also: isn't it about goddamned time the AUs brought us back to a series with heavy emphasis on Space Colonies? We haven't had that since Gundam Wing. Also: those custom Genoas are the single sexiest mobile suit designs to come out of this stale franchise since the White Doll.

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