Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chara Hobby 2011

A whole bunch of stuff was shown off at this month's Chara Hobby Show. Well, nothing too interesting to me, but see for yourself.

Sadly, most of the coolest items on display were either garage kits (that sexy Nahel Argama) or Tamashii Web Exlcusives (that sexy Tallgeese II robot damashii) and, therefore, not really available retail. Still, though, gotta admit that some of those custom kits at the end are damned fine.


  1. That Ξ Gundam kit makes my pants uncomfortably tight.

    Seems lots of hype for AGE, though... Optimistic as I am, I just can't get excited about that show until it proves my fears about how shitty it could be wrong.

  2. ^--At least the Genoace grunts look cool. I'm at the point where the only thing I hope to get out of each gundam series is one or two mecha designs that don't look like ass.