Monday, June 27, 2011

Official Gundam Blog: Survey #205 (Gundam Age)

I've recently become aware that the official Japanese Gundam Blog holds weekly polls. I thought to myself, hey, I should translate these! I'm currently working on translating all of the 200+ previous surveys, but in the meanwhile, let's look at the latest survey, dealing with the recent announcement of Mobile Suit Gundam Age.

#205: Mobile Suit Gundam Age has just been announced! Which aspect of this century-spanning story do you find the most interesting? (3,997 responses; 19. June 2011)
  • 49.06% - 100-year long story
  • 16.54% - Three generations of protagonists
  • 11.28% - Mysterious enemies, the "UE."
  • 10.38% - AGE Systems
  • 18.56% - AGE-1 Gundam
  • 02.13% - Garfan
  • 02.05% - Sparrow/Titus

Most of the surveys I've looked at so far tend to have between two to three times as many responses as this one. This could be indicative of a poor reception (i.e. fans aren't interested in any aspect of Gundam Age), a decrease of traffic to the official blog, or some other variable. Personally, I find the 100-year story and multi-generational concepts to both be very promising.

Translations of surveys 101-125 should be done today: will hope to get the other ~80 most recent surveys translated by this time next week. The site doesn't appear to host any of the older surveys (001-100), but I'm hoping to find them archived elsewhere.


  1. No surprise to see that the 100 year war thing is a the biggest draw. Reading your post a couple weeks ago actually changed my mind about being hopeful for this series (originally I wanted to /wrists over the character and mecha design), but I caught your cautious optimism :D.

    Hopefully, the people behind the show are seeing where the interest is and will cater to what fans clearly want out of it.

  2. Glad to hear my optimism was contagious.