Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gundam Age Gunpla & Toy Extravaganza

Got a whole mess of Gundam Age model kit and toy images to sort through. Gotta say, as uninspired as the designs may be, they probably translate better into "beginner gunpla" than anything from 00, or even the CE series'.

First up: the 1/48 scale Mega-Size AGE-1 Gundam. (Release date and price not yet determined, but you can count on the price, at least, being around 12,000 yen or so).

I have to say, I do rather like the AGE-1's head. It has a bolder shape than is typical, and the lack of a V-Fin makes the forehead seem cleaner--not to mention that an all-white color scheme is always fantastic to see.

Anyway, next are the high-grade 1/144 scale kits. The AGE-1 Normal will be released this September for 1,200 yen.

Now for some toys from GB (Gage-ing Builder?). They've got two different scales, 1/100 and 1/144: let's start out with the 1/144.

AGE-1 Normal Type: October 2011 release at 600 yen.
 AGE-1 Titus on sale November 2011, at 600 yen.
 AGE-1 Sparrow on sale in December 2011, also at 600 yen.
 Genoa on sale October 2011, at 600 yen.
 Garfan on sale October 2011, also at 600 yen.
And lastly, the 1/100 scale GB figures:

 They'll all cost 1,200 to 1,400 yen. The stiff poses of these figures in the preview images above, as well as their low prices (and apparent matte finish) lead me to think these are vinyl statues--that is, immobile figures made out of soft plastic. I've only ever bought a vinyle Victory 2 Assault Buster figure, but I was fairly impressed by both the quality of the mold and the durability of the figure--which makes these the ideal action figure for a younger fan, who would be more likely to break a model or even a Robot Damashii figure.

Source: Cyber Gundam

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