Saturday, February 5, 2011

Of Updates and Amazon

First up: Amazon. We've got some glorious, glorious news. Some of you out there may be aware of this, but Shouji Gatou's absurdly awesome Full Metal Panic series ended last August--and it was one hell of an ending. Fan-translations of the novels exist, but are of varying quality--the later volumes practically unreadable.

It is therefore with great exuberance that I pass on some nice news: after a hiatus of several years, Tokyopop has resumed publication of the novels in English! Volume 4 released just days ago--buy it now on Amazon!

There had been rumors of Tokyopop resuming FMP publication for about a year now, along with Ecole du Ciel. Ecole du Ciel's ninth volume, however, was officially announced, and up on Amazon for months before release. Full Metal Panic's fourth volume, conversely, was up on Amazon for about 3 days, then removed. And Tokyopop itself was unwilling to shed any light on the series' fate (and it wasn't for want of asking, I assure you).

So that's Amazon: on to the Update part. My few regular visitors... thanks for showing up. I know there haven't been many posts lately--here's why: Honestly, I haven't seen much news on the merchandise front that's interested me. I've also been fairly ill. That sucks, I know. Doing the whole hobby-news-as-it-happens thing is also a bit tedious, and there are many other sites that do it better. So I'm going to start reworking things here. And adding actual content, of course. Reviews and stuff.

First up, merchandise previews will be contained to a single post every week (on the same day, perhaps) and instead of focusing on everything, they will contain just a summary or selection of of things I, personally, find really cool. I like a whole lot of stuff, so it's possible these posts may be too large to be practical. We'll see. Like I said earlier, there really hasn't been much newsworthy stuff lately.

Next up, the promised reviews: I've got more toys and models, and no reviews for 'em. I'm gonna start by posting a few of my older reviews, sans-pictures, and maybe some new ones, equally devoid of pictures. Why? I'm still having a damned hard time getting my digital camera to take a picture that isn't super-blurry.

Almost done with my list here... I'd like to start writing some essays. That stupid little blurb last week about Gamestop partially qualifies. I'll also be broadening the topics I write about here--I've been aching to spread the word about how awesome Cross Game is and how everyone should buy the first two books now that the greatest mangaka of all time is finally seeing some love on this side of the Pacific. And, of course, talk about other books I love--know about Tom Holland's Rubicon? It's utterly fantastic.

Finally, I've got a handful of FAQs I'd like to try to incorporate into the blog, to see if I can format them somehow in a manner that is more reader-friendly. Specifically, I'm talking about Gundam Battle Universe (PSP) and Gundam Senki: Record UC 0081 (PS3). Possibly Another Century's Episode R (PS3), but ACE games are just so awful I probably won't bother.

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  1. Thanks for the info on FULL METAL PANIC!--I went over to Amazon and just ordered it. I've loved the anime and the novels (the translations, since my Japanese is rather basic), and it's nice to see more FMP! stuff arrive in the States.

    Looking forward to new stuff on the site--I just stumbled upon it by accident, but being a VOTOMS fan, I had to stay. Best of luck!