Friday, February 18, 2011

Gundam Unicorn Episode 3: First 8 Minutes

It's that time again: the third episode of the Gundam Unicorn OVA is right around the corner, and we've got several minutes of early footage here and now to give us a little taste of what to expect this April.

This episode will cover the Sleeve's attack on the Neo Zeon Resource Satellite Palau (home base of the Sleeves) and the recapture of the Unicorn Gundam, and will also follow up on (B Storyline) Liddy and Audrey as they go to Earth. The episode is set to include an epic battle between the Unicorn and Kshatriya, as well as the first combat sortie of the Delta Plus.

Of particular note, the computer-generated transofrmation sequence (from Unicorn-mode to DESTROY-mode and back) has been given a... "complete make-over." Here's hoping they're able to more seamlessly integrate the transformation sequence into the animation.

Well, not that I'm really sold that it's ever possible to seamlessly incorporate mahou-shoujo style transformation sequences into anything... but still.

The OVA hard-copy release (opposed to the PSN release) will include the OVA episode, at an approximate length of 59 minutes, as well as a 22 minute documentary-style extra. It will be in glorious 16:9 1080p high definition with 5.1 surround sound support, and include Japanese, English and Chinese (both Cantonese and Mandarin) subtitles.

The first printing of the Blu-Ray will come with in a cardboard sleeve with an illustration specially drawn by Hajime Katoki.

Set for release on 7. April 2011 in Japan with an MSRP of ¥6,090, there is (not yet) any definitive news on the release dates or pricing outside of Japan, but given how quickly things moved with Episode 2, I think we can expect to see it on the PSN and shipping from online retailers within 1 week of the Japanese release.

And before I end, for anyone who may have missed them, the previous 2 PVs for Unicorn 3.

Promotional Video 1:

Promotional Video 2

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