Friday, February 18, 2011

Merch Medley II

Let's get this show started.

Yeah, it's out.
  • Akihabara Photo Report
  • AOU-2011 Banpresto Exhibit Photo Report
  • High Grade 1/144 Extreme Gundam Release
  • Mega Size MS-06 Zaku II Release
  • Megahouse Lord of Lords Ryu Knight
  • Catherine!

Akihabara Photo Report

 What's this now? I've always been a fan of exoskeleton-type power armors. Well, of this variety--where the mechanical aspects appear to supplement the psychical, rather than encase. Not sure what the connection to Haruhi and bunnygirls is, but... oh well.
The clockwork bits look nice, but it seems to me her face could use some work. Which reminds me, I need to remember to finish Persona 3: FES one of these days.
 I'm assuming these are Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome... as a fairy and a nurse for some reason. Wouldn't it make more sense for the costumes to be the other way around, though?

AOU-2011 Banpresto Exhibit Photo Report

 The Gundam and Guncannon are "Special Creative Models," and set for release in September, 2011.
 Every time I see something like this, I get a little depressed. It's really a shame Code Geass R2 didn't end up better than it was. *sigh*
 The hardest thing about watching Macross Frontier for me, is the whole suspension of disbelief thing when it comes to Sheryl. She's depicted as a competent, talented and mature character... yet her wardrobe makes her seem like the same, no-talent pop-star who uses sex to sell her music that the industry is up to its collective lobes in.

As a general rule of thumb, women typically don't dress like sluts if they have an alternative--you know, an education, innate intelligence, money, or talent.

High Grade 1/144 Extreme Gundam Release 

 You know, after I saw the lineart, I thought, "this thing looks like ass." I said as much online, and found I held a common opinion. But more reasonable voices made valid points. "Don't judge it on the lineart alone," they said. "Linart always looks bad: wait until you see it animated/as a model kit."

You know what?

I still think it looks like ass.
 It's quite possibly the least-interesting Gundam redesign I've ever seen.
Anyway, this kit is from the arcade game Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Versus, and is selling at an MSRP of 1,680 yen.

Mega Size MS-06 Zaku II Release
 -1/48 Scale
-Includes optional backpack, leg vernier and command antennae components.
-Includes Zaku Bazooka, Zaku Machine Gun, Heat Hawk and Rear Rack.
-21 molded parts, wet-transfer decals.
-"By Hajime Katoki: RG (Real Grade) -- Includes a special marking in accordance with the design.
 I was a bit interested in these Mega-Scale kits: their size alone would make for some pretty intimidating display pieces. But, I don't know... I just have a hard time believing anything that big and (relatively) cheap could ever look nearly so good as it does in these marketing photos. Maybe it's just a problem of me associating it with the old, giant vinyl gundam statues I saw around at ~every~ model store in Taipe.

Megahouse Lord of Lords Ryu Knight

-Metallic paint
-Display stand is white and kind of lame
-2 sets of hands
-Display stand suspends figure about 2cm in the air
-Hidden joints in the disc-shaped knees allow "cool and determined" posing.
-Lack of waist or thigh armor gives the legs a large range of motion


 And of course, the biggest news of all, Catherine has been released! A fantastic-looking game from the development team behind Persona 3 and Persona 4, Catherine is a "mature RPG" dealing with adult relationships, sex, friendship, and all the messiness involved in every day life. I've never, ever seen a game tackle these subjects with any maturity before, but I've got high hopes for Catherine. It also involves a lot of surreal storytelling, action/adventure/puzzle gameplay, and contains a lot of surreal aspects. Oh, right, and a bunch of multiple endings. It could very well be one of THE must-have games for the Playstation 3, much as Persona 3 and 4 were before it.

No official word on an NA/EU release as of yet, but this is Atlus we're talking about, so it's very, very likely. I'd say the odds are better that we'd never see Ar Tonelico 3 or Yakuza 4--and both of those games are coming out next month.

So, um, yeah. AWESOME.
I doubt the rest of the world will get to see a cover nearly so well made as this. Too many people, knowing nothing about the product, would assume this is the mythical "porn simulator" Fox News has been hunting for so many years.

Because this is America, and you can't have freedom of speech without massive, pervasive censorship, right?

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