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Merch Medley I

As mentioned earlier, I've decided to simply clump all of the hobby image preview stuff into one giant post each week--that's what this is. For the time being, I've chosen to call this (hopefully regular) feature the "Friday Preview Medley."

Each post will be organized like this, with image previews separated into categories of varying size, with a table-of-contents type link at the bottom of each post. Hopefully, this will make navigating these massive posts as easy and painless as possible. Seems simple enough, right? Let's go!

  • Winter Hobby 2011 Photo Report
  • Winter Hobby 2011 Right Stuff Booth
  • Winter Hobby 2011 Banpresto Booth
  • Winter Hobby 2011 Megahouse Booth
  • Bandai 1/35 U.C. Hard Graph FF-X7 Core Fighter Preview
  • Macross Frontier 1/100 YF-29 Fighter Model Kit Preview
  • Muv-Luv Revoltech Figure Preview
  • Robot Damashii Wing Zero Custom Preview
  • Zone of the Enders: - Jehuty Revoltech Preview
These posts are going to be rather unwieldy due to their size, and I haven't yet figured out how to do page breaks beyond the basic "jump" you see here. If you'd rather not browse through the whole post en masse, use the search function of your web browser to hop from one section to another--that's why I made a "table of contents," after all.

Winter Hobby 2011 Photo Report

The bulk of this week's content comes from the recent Winter Hobby 2011 Trade Show in Japan. Lot's of figures were shown off, of all levels of quality and price, from all kinds of series spanning the years--from the latest hit, K-ON, to older cult favorites, like Big-O.
 Regardless of your opinion on these figures in general, it's hard to look at these and not be impressed by the sheer amount of detail. I'm not to keen on them, myself, but seeing every time I see something like this, I can't help but faintly consider starting a collection. Hell, just look at the level of detail on those leaves.
One has to wonder what it would be like to work for one of these companies.... every day, from 9-5, slaving over a computer, laboring on the curvature of each leg, each fold in the skirt, and each horizontal stripe on Miku's panties. Honestly, I have a hard time believing such a job even exists--but it's got to, right?
 Speaking of Hatsune Miku, isn't it about time we got a decent game on the PS3? The PSP game was fantastic. Easily the best rhythm-based music game I've ever played. Slap that up on a big console, implement custom-soundtracks (and incorporate them into gameplay) and you've got easily the coolest (potential) game the PSN could ever see.
 Not my favorite character, but Yui looks really cute here. One has to wonder why the "cute Santa" never really took off outside of Japan.
 I don't know what this is, but those are... those are giant robotic arms, right? That's freakin' awesome.
 Etna and Flonne prototypes. The whole world is psyched for Disgaea 4, right? Right!?!?
 Red Shoulder, Red Shoulder! I'm seeing Zaku Spikes here, saw an Epyon whip a but further up, and just below is a purple guy with the least-practical looking weapon I've ever seen. A sword with a corkscrew lance instead of a blade... that's curved. Well, I guess it's kind of stylish.
 Am I the only one who thought, "Chirico?" here?
 These arms are AWESOME.
 Gotta love Dorothy. It's a crying shame more anime and manga doesn't take cues from the works of Isaac Asimov. Well, there's always Pluto.
 3D Dot Game Heroes figures? Sounds pretty cool. But... it seems like the kind of thing most people could make all by themselves, and achieve figures of same or superior quality, fairly easily.
 It's almost silly how sexy they've made the Major.
 Twin-bun Taiga is easily one of my favorite character designs from the past decade or so of anime. There's just something indefinably appealing about it.

Winter Hobby 2011 Right Stuff Booth
 Ah, Right Stuff. The one company that makes it so easy to love and hate at the same time. Gotta love 'em for making awesome little LoGH ship figures... gotta hate 'em for making those ships so damned tiny, and so damned expensive. Oh well, that won't stop me from ogling the upcoming Legend of Galactic Heroes Fleet File No. 10.

Winter Hobby 2011 Banpresto Booth

Real-Deformed Kamen Rider Figures - Summer 2011 Release
 Now these are prototype figures I might be tempted to buy, moreso than the others. If you can't tell, these are based on the K-ON characters as the appeared in the OP/ED--basically, hyper-detailed costumes. Well, not that I have any room on my shelves... though I do need a new bookcase.
The K-ON Figures are slated for a July 2011 release, the first set of Macross Fronter (Back to Basics Stage 1) will be released this month, the second set will be released March 2011.

 Winter Hobby 2011 Megahouse Booth

 After so many years of nothing, it's very nice to see Gundam Victory ~finally~ getting some love. We've got Victory and V2 Robot Damashii figures coming out in a few months, though, sadly, the Shokew (and other awesome bug-eyed Zanscare grunts) still seem to be in limbo.
 I'm a bit sad to say I've got most of the ships pictured above--and duplicates of many of 'em. Don't let this fancy display fool you, Megahouse's quality control for the Gundam Cosmo Fleet series leaves a lot to be desired--warped and/or bent molding, paint bleeding, etc. They're also a bit pricey (though not as overpriced as the LoGH Fleet Files) and are only produced in limited numbers.
That said, the quality of each new Cosmo Fleet set seems to be increasing, so here's hoping that when the next set releases, the Archangel and Minerva look as good as they do above. I'm not sure if we'll see any futher Cosmo Fleets after this, as Gundam is fast running out of ships, but there are a few glaring omissions--like the Reinforce Junior and Salamis refits from Victory.

Bandai 1/35 U.C. Hard Graph FF-X7 Core Fighter Preview

Macross Frontier 1/100 YF-29 Fighter Model Kit Preview

 And so here we are: the first of the new Macross model kits--fighter mode only. I've got high hopes for this series: I only wish it were starting off with a better-designed fighter. I am NOT a fan of the YF-29. Anyway, have some details.

-1/100 Scale Final Form Display Model
-The "Fastest Hero"
-1/100 scale with 1/72 scale quality
-Low price and compact size make for a crisp display piece.
-Includes a display stand.
-Includes a "new" gunpod.
-Canopy molded in clear plastic.

It appears to be a very, very simple model kit, and so will need some paint to look good. Though it should still look fairly decent with only minimum detailing--panel lines, decals/stickers, etc. Which is nice--I've always hated models that were molded in cheap, monochrome plastic.

Muv-Luv Revoltech Figure Preview

We've also got a new line of Revoltech figures incoming, based on the PC game Muv-Luv Alternative. Although not released outside of Japan, English-language fan translations do exist.

 Robot Damashii Wing Zero Custom Preview
Looks pretty nice, doesn't it? Here's hoping we get some OZ grunts before too long. Leos, Aries', Serpents, Virgos, Taurus', Tallgeese, Mercureus, Vayeate, etc. If there's anything left at this point keeping the Robot Damashii series from being utterly perfect, it's a lack of awesome Wing grunts.

Zone of the Enders: Jehuty Revoltech Preview

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