Saturday, February 26, 2011

Merch Medley III

A fair bit of gunpla news, which is always nice: it's not great (still no Victory kits) but... nice nonetheless. Also some new images of my favorite figure line, the Robot Damashii series, which is always good to see. Anyway, let's get this show started.

There will NOT be a medley post this week (edit made 5. March 2011). No special reason for it, just that there hasn't been any news this week I found particularly interesting. HLJ is running some nice sales at the moment, however, so why not check 'em out?

(And by the way, I've updated the previous posting to include the high-resolution versions of the videos). 

  • HGUC Dreissen & Jegan
  • MG 00-Raiser
  • MG Shenlong Gundam
  • RG Aile Strike Gundam
  • Robot Damashii Fafner
  • Robot Damashii Wing Zero Custom
  • S.H. Figuarts Kazuma
  • VF-25 Messiah 1/100 Model
  • WF2011 Megahouse Booth

HGUC Dreissen & Jegan

The High Grade Dreissen (1/144) is slated for release this May. In case you cannot tell (or guess) this is the "Unicorn Version," opposed to the ZZ version, where the design originated.

MG 00-Raiser

We'll be seeing the master grade 00-Raiser hitting shops this may, with a 6500 yen price-tag.

MG Shenlong Gundam

 I've gotta say, I really don't care for the Gundam Wing redesigns. They just... don't look right. The exception being, naturally (because why else would I bring it up) the Shenlong. Just look at this beauty: ain't she sexy as hell?

To be honest, though, the color scheme doesn't really fit. Red, white and blue doesn't exactly scream China to me. Maybe if the blue parts were green? Hm, I don't know. I don't think that would look quite right, either. Regardless, I tend to universally like Gundams that feature white shoulders.
There have been rumors that the upcoming Gundam television series (which we believe will be announced sometime in the next 3-4 months)  may be a re-make (or re-imagining, etc., etc.) of Gundam Wing. Because, you know, Gundam has just completely run out of new story ideas to use. While only time will tell, I find myself very skeptical of this. If it were to happen, I imagine these are the gundam designs that would be used, and as much as I like this Nataku design, I just can't imagine it ever being animated.

RG Aile Strike Gundam
 Of all the possible suits that could have been chosen for the next Real Grade 1/144 kit, I don't think I ever would have guessed Aile Strike. Freedom or Strike Freedom? Maybe. A 00 or Zeta suit would have been higher up on my list. Personally, I don't think the extra detailing will make the Aile Strike look any better... but who knows.

Robot Damashii Fafner

 While I'm not a big fan of the anime, this figure looks ~incredible.~ Those proportions! Those weapons! Those shoulders! This puppy is bleeding awesome.

Standing tall at 140mm, this Fafner figure will be released this May (2011) with a very reasonable MSRP of 3990 yen.

Robot Damashii Wing Zero Custom

 Quite possibly, this may be the -only- version of the Wing Zero Custom actually worth buying. Or, rather, the only version of this mobile suit to actually model those crazy wings correctly. I just hope it doesn't turn into another Strike Freedom, where the wing components are too small and delicate to hold their positions well. Regardless, despite my apathy for Endless Walz and this design in particular, it's so unique (and I'm such a fan of the RD line) I'll be placing my order soon enough.

 S.H. Figuarts Kazuma

 S-CRY-ED was a really fun show. It's a shame the crazy-strong, hot-blooded protagonist is all but extinct these days. They were always fun to watch--especially when they were smart/cunning. This'll be out July 2011 for 4200 yen.

VF-25 Messiah 1/100 Model

 The next of the new, super-cheap Macross fighter kits is revealed... and absolutely no one is surprised. Thankfully it's not as ugly as the YF-29, but that would have been a pretty hard low to hit. Personally, given the fact that we already have tons of fighter display figures, mini fighter display figures and micro display figures for the various incarnations of the VF-25, I was kind of hoping we'd see something else. A VF-11c? A VF-4 Lightning III? You know, some of the older designs that don't really have any decent merchandise you can buy for less than 10000 yen.

Hell, it would be better if they'd at least mentioned armor packs or fast packs--or the tornado pack--for this kit. Ah, well, I suppose it's best just to wait and be patient. Despite the relative disappointment of the first two kits, I believe this new line of cheap Macross models is an overwhelmingly positive thing.

It'll be out this April for 1200 yen. 1200 yen! Can you believe it? That's like, that's what they call a pittance, right?

WF2011 Megahouse Booth

 Now, and forever: Katejina is the ultimate embodiment of all that is moe. Don't you just want to give her a hug? Aw, so cute. Here's hoping she has a cameo in the upcoming K-ON movie.
 I don't think I'll ever care on whit about Audrey until she decides to lead a massive invasion of the Earth Sphere. Again.
I really love the concept for this figure, and I think it looks really cool. The style for it, however, just doesn't seem to match DBZ much for me. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be Goku, but it looks more like Gohan--or Goten, perhaps--to me. I dunno: maybe it's just the angle. It's certainly based off of Toriyama's artwork in the manga opposed to the anime-based figures we see everywhere else, which is a good thing.
 Ah, Cosmo Fleet. The only way to own Gundam ship figures... made out of cheap, flimsy plastic that falls apart at the slightest touch, priced about ten times would would be reasonable. Makes those LoGH Fleet Files look like sheer perfection.

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