Monday, November 1, 2010

Figma KOS-MOS Version 4 - Preview

 On one hand, it's nice to see so richly detailed a KOS-MOS figure, even if such things tend to be obscenely overpriced, of course, several figma figures seem to be quite reasonably priced. Hm... I suppose if I ever buy an anime girl figure, it'd probably be KOS-MOS. Or Yotsuba. (Probably Yotsuba).

On the other hand... spider tits? Seriously, what the hell is that? Removable breasts? So... odd. It's a bit disappointing that this figure seems to eschew the more conservative, elegant KOS-MOS designs from the three games (all of which featured drastically different versions of her basic design) in favor of generic, crazy-big-boobs-and-thighs "pop" anime proportions. You know, the kind of thing you see all the time in low-budget romantic/comedy anime.

I can't help but think... if only that gun were bigger....

From Akiba Hobby.

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  1. Detachable "tops", interesting yet... creepy... Then again, she is a cyborg.

    Them gatlings, emm... ^^b