Sunday, October 17, 2010

Robot Damashii Jegan Images

Some images of the new Robot Damashii Jegan, straight out of the box.

Accessory-wise, this new Jegan is identical to the already-released Stark Jegan. Well, this one has a shield that the Stark Jegan lacks, and the Stark Jegan has a bazooka that the Jegan lacks. Other than that: exactly the same.

This is a shame considering how similar the designs were: really, we only needed ONE Damashii Jegan, with attachable/removable Stark Jegan armor--the only real difference between the two is is that the Stark Jegan has a bit of extra armor on the legs, shoulders, back and torso--and, of course, the missile pods. I was disappointed when I got my Stark Jegan to find that the extra parts could not be removed: that's a shame. Particularly considering the obscene amount of accessories other Damashii figures, like the Victory 2 Gundam, have had.

If I recall correctly, this new Jegan is priced lower than the Stark Jegan. But other than that minor difference, I can't think of any real reason to buy the regular Jegan over the Stark version, unless you're just a really big fan of the design. But considering how similar the Jegan is to, say, the GM Custom, I would say... better to wait for the RD GM Custom we've already seen prototypes of.

But hey, whatever: the more Robot Damashii, the better. 'Course, I'm still waiting on the Shokew and more of those insanely awesome Zanscare mobile suits.

From Cyber Gundam.

Side Note: I've been a bit lazy with tags lately. I'll try to work on that. Part of the problem is, particularly with the giant trade shows, I'm simply not all that familiar with the stuff being displayed--particularly toku/rider stuff.


  1. kudos on the site!

    I've been eyeing the RD X-2 for a while now. Do you have it? I just wanna know of any relevant info on it (flaws, etc.). What other RD's really standout for you?


  2. The X2 Kai is pretty solid. Decent articulation, joints are of the right stiffness, and it has a nice selection of accessories.

    I can't really comment on the balance though, I've always had mine in an action base.

  3. Yeah, I've got the X-2. I've got... I dunno, nearly half of the series. I've spent way too much money on it. The X-2 is the best of the Xs, IMHO. The proportions are a bit off (the waist is too narrow, for example) and the details are a bit lacking though.

    As for balance, it's pretty decent. The X-Thrusters can get loose, which is a pain, but they're still much firmer than the Master Grade kits.

    Anyway... I would say the best Damashii are:
    -Code Geass Shinkuro
    -Code Geass Guren MkII
    -Gundam F91
    -Reborns Gundam
    -Denan Zon/Gei

    The Stark Jegan, Geara Zulu, and both Unicorns--particularly the Destroy--are also quite nice. The Full Metal Panic figures are awesome, but have few accessories and their tiny feet make them hard to pose. I love 'em, though.

    The only Damashii figures I would say are 'bad' are any of 'Mister Bushido's' 00 mechs--very fragile--and the Arios (it's not very strong, and much of the plastic is partially transparent).

    Anyway, thanks for visiting and commenting. I've beeen meaning to post more reviews of my RDs, among other things, but I've been busy with exams and school, in general, the past couple weeks.