Monday, October 25, 2010

Preview Meddley: MG 00Q, STANDart 8 and FW Gundam Converge 2

Not too much news to be had lately in terms of new merch, but we are getting a slow trickle of publicity images for some of the cooler Gundam figures and kits slated for release this winter.

First off, the upcoming Master Grade 00 Quanta: I'm not too terribly fond of this design--particularly the legs and general lack of weaponry--but the MG looks very sleek, and very different. One of those kits ya' buy just because they're so much fun to build, ya' know?

STANDart figures are pretty small, but well-priced and detailed. Sure, the proportions are a bit wonky, but they still look pretty damned badass.

 And finally, some spiffy SD figures from the FW Gundam Converge line. I'm not familiar with this particular line, but these guys look to have a lot more detail than is typical of SD figures, so I imagine I'll be trying to find some for myself sooner or later.

Images from Moeyo and Cybergundam.

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