Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mobile Suit Gundam To Get New Bilingual Re-Release

Earlier this morning at the New York Anime Festival, Bandai Entertainment announced that it will be releasing the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime series on DVD in North America, with both English subtitles and the English dub. The release will come in two parts, presumably of 21-22 episodes apiece. No word yet on whether or not Doan's Island will receive a dub.

Bandai Entertainment also announced its intention to release the theatrical film, Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer on DVD in North America, as well as (finally) bringing over the DVD versions of the Gundam Unicorn OVAs.

No release dates for these products have been announced, but personally, I'm still waiting to know when I can pre-order Turn A off Amazon.


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  2. great was getting worried about the unicorn series but glad to hear that the 00 movie will be coming now, hopefully my xmass this year