Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gundam Unicorn Newtype Magazine Interview Summary

In a recent interview with one of the Gundam Unicorn OVA producers, Kosugi Naohiro, hints that the OVA series might conclude the story with an ending different from that of Harutoshi Fukui's novels. We are also treated to a number of other interesting tidbits, summarized below.

-Episode 2 is "plenty more" than the previous episode.
-The Unicorn vs. Kshatriya and Sinanju battle took a lot of work, and many cuts.
-The Sinanju's design is very hard to animate because of all the details, but they've tried to find the perfect balance between simplifying the design and retaining the suit's distinctive design.
-The 'lowest' points of Episode 2 are better than the 'highest' points of Episode 1.
-It was difficult to visually depict the Sinanju's speed as three times that of a normal suit, Kosugi said, because he was already 'overwhelmed by the speed of the Geara Zulu.' To better illustrate the Sinanju's speed, they are incorporating some never-before-seen animation techniques. The Sinanju moves very fast, in a 'wild' manner. "In terms of visual quality," Kosugi said. "It should look much better than the PV version." (Which you can view here).
-The animation effect for the Beam Magnum is especially nice. You will be impressed when you see it. "I was certainly surprised."
-Both Daguza (and the captain of the Nahel Argama, Otto) will play a prominent roles in the story.
-Most of Episode 2 will focus on the Full Frontal. Is the masked man really Char Aznable?

-The identity of Full Frontal is unknown, but the staff are working with him as if he were really Char--half of which, Kosugi says, is the result of Ikeda Shuichi's voice. Kosugi wants the audience to ask themselves if Full Frontal is a fake Char, or if, surprisingly, he is authentic.
-The Full Frontal in the OVA is not the same as the Full Frontal from the novels.
-Full Frontal and Banagher are "arch rivals."
-Bright Noa will appear in OVA Episode 4.

In short, fans who have read the books should not expect the OVA story to follow exactly. What this means for the overall story remains to be seen. While some fans are already speculating that the Unicorn-as-God ending may be completely removed and reworked from the OVA, I have a feeling any changes to the plot will be relatively minor.

To read the full interview yourself, please purchase the November 2010 issue of Newtype Magazine

Source: Char Aznable News (Japanese)

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  1. Gundam Unicorn isn't a manga, it's a novel. And Bright Noa appeared in the novelization and played a very key role.