Saturday, October 16, 2010

50th AJMS: Just A Few More...!

 Why? Because it's only the best hobby show EVER.


There are quite a number of new things here that caught my eye, notably the Five Star Stories figures (I mean--goddamn) but I'd like to briefly talk about two of them.

First, we're getting a new Macross Frontier Fighter Collection series--#4, I believe. These Valkyries are very, very small, kind of brittle, and waaay overpriced... but they're also insanely detailed and awesome. I've got some of the previous collections, and I don't regret them. (They're just the right size to plant a row of 'em in front of some Master Grade or even HGUC kits, you know?) This new collection looks to be the BEST of the lot, because it seems to offer the greatest variety of mechs--no getting saddled with a half-dozen of the same VF-1s or VF-25s, thank God. Deffinitely putting that on my must-buy list.

The other item is the upcoming Cosmo Fleet Collection. I'm not sure how many people are aware of these figures--essentially, they're 10cm long display figures for the ships of the Gundam franchise. Well, they vary a lot in terms of quality, but overall they're priced very well and and look very, very nice. Unfortunately, these are produced in VERY limited numbers, so if you don't grab a set at release, you'll have to pay much more later, assuming you can even find what you're looking for. The last Cosmo Fleet collection, for example, ran out of pre-order slots on HLJ very fast. I advise anyone interested in these figures to keep on eye on your favorite hobby sites, and pre-order them as soon as possible.

Well, that's it from me. I guess I generally don't write this much, particularly for image previews. Sorry 'bout that.

From Hobby Stock and Akiba Hobby.

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